Trailer: L.A.! Come See The Blob With Us!

Shock Till You Drop is teaming up with Friday Night Frights at The Cinefamily for a 35mm presentation of 1988’s The Blob. Yes, yes yes…I’ve told you this before, but now we have a cool event trailer to share with you!

Director Chuck Russell is going to be in attendance and director of photography Mark Irwin might join us for the fun.

The Great Horror Campout Review – Ghouls, Scavenger Hunts & Cthulhu…

Deep sleep is shattered by the sound of inhuman screaming. The aggressive chords of The Sword’s “Freya” blast from hidden speakers throughout the camp. The usually calm night air of Griffith Park is total chaos. You know that moment from In the Mouth of Madness where Sam Neill’s John Trent hears all hell breaking loose in the outside world from the confines of his cell in the psychiatric clinic? That’s what’s happening. I’m totally groggy, having just fallen asleep perhaps an hour ago. At least I think it’s an hour ago, I’m not quite sure. All I know is that I was out cold, exhausted by the evening’s events.

And now a friggin’ Cthulhu creature – tentacles cascading off of its face – is crashing through my tent, having unzipped the flap with its claw (or tentacle or whatever it calls a “hand”).

Want to See How Crazy Los Angeles’ Horror Trivia Night Has Become?

When Rebekah McKendry from Fangoria approached me to co-host a montly horror trivia night event here in Los Angeles, I could not imagine how big it would be.

Dead Right Horror Trivia Night – put on by myself (representing ShockTillYouDrop.com, naturally) and McKendry at the Jumpcut Cafe in Studio City, California – is now over a year old and we’re about to put on our 14th event tomorrow. And, man oh man, is it a blast. We have our regulars and they can get pretty fired up.

Shock is Co-Hosting a Night of the Demons Screening With the Whole Gang!

?Similar to The People Under the Stairs screening we co-hosted with Friday Night Frights in Los Angeles (in which Wes Craven attended for a Q&A), ShockTillYouDrop.com is helping to put on another horror event at Cinefamily this month. This time, we’re co-hosting the original Night of the Demons, and the panel discussion for this one is going to be awesome.

In attendance, you can count on director Kevin Tenney, FX maestro Steve Johnson, stars Linnea Quigley, Donnie Jeffcoat, Cathy Podewell and Billy Gallo and others TBD.