Fun Size Horror Short Film Day 4: A Dog and His Boy

As we near the end of our Fun Size Horror short films run (tomorrow’s the last day!), we present to you today’s entry: A Dog and His Boy by Zeke Pinheiro. The director is the one responsible for this whole Fun Size Horror series. The synopsis for his installment: Dog is humankind’s best friend and that is definitely the case with Norman and his human Jonah. It’s just that Norman thinks he should be Jonah’s only friend.

Each short film we host will only be up for 24 hours before being replaced by the next day

Fun Size Horror Short Films Day 3: ‘The Lover’ & ‘Bloody…

We’ve got a double dose of Fun Size Horror short films to present to you today, so let’s get right down to it! You can watch both shorts below.

Up first, is The Lover by Anisa Qureshi and starring Mali Elfman and Sheldon Anderson.

Lisa has been looking for “the one” for years. With her engagement to Brad, she thought she had finally found it. Now, Brad has ended the relationship and Lisa is not sure if she can go on. The Lover follows Lisa as she learns to overcome the break-up and move forward, ready to love again.

Your Must-Watch Horror Short Film of the Day: Dregs

Here’s a real Halloween “treat” for you. I’m thrilled to share the debut one of my favorite short horror films of the year, Dregs, here at Shock Till You Drop. This hit the festival circuit in August and you can now watch it via the player here.

What I love about Dregs is that filmmakers Stephen Scott-Hayward and Richard Rudy clearly have a grasp on the world they’ve created, weaving a love story, religion and some genuine frights against a backdrop that forces its leads to become drug users. With visual style to spare, there’s a lot of promise to become something bigger here – a feature film or, as the creators have in mind, a television series.

Fun Size Horror Short Film Day 2: Persephone

Did you happen to catch yesterday’s Fun Size Horror debut? These terror tales are up for only 24 hours, so you have to make some time to check them out! We’re on to day two of this short film series initiative spearheaded by Zeke Penheiro and, this morning, we welcome filmmaker and actress Lisa J. Dooley’s entry Persephone?.

In the film, “a young girl is buried alive with only a flashlight and a pocket knife…but getting out is just the beginning.” Rachel Marie Lewis of House of Good and Evil stars.

Short Films ‘Dinner’ & ‘The Passing’ Deliver the Creepy…

Not long ago, Legendary and YouTube teamed up with select YouTube channels and sundry online personalities to create a series of short horror films for this Halloween season. So far, many of the shorts I have seen have been a mix of comedy and horror, playing to the personalities of those who have found their success via YouTube. This led me to ask: Did anyone actually try to make something scary? The answer is yes.

Two shorts made their debut today: Dinner, by the Brothers Riedell, and The Passing by John Wynn. Shot on the YouTube “House of Horrors” stage, both eschew the laughs of previous efforts and go for the throat.

Fun Size Horror Short Film Premiere Day 1: Happy Birthday

Beginning this week, Shock Till You Drop is hosting a series of horror short films that fall under the “Fun Size Horror” banner which was created by filmmaker Zeke Penheiro. All of the Fun Size Horror shorts have been independently produced by a wide range of filmmakers including Josh Waller, Glen Murakami, Mali Elfman, with participating actors Lance Reddick, Rose McIver, Tracie Thoms, Brea Grant, Amy Dallen, Victor Webster and Diva Zappa.

Today, we bring you “Happy Birthday” from writer-director Erin Stegeman (Roadside) and producer Ace Marrero (Madison County). In the short: “Sophia is turning six and her cardigan-clad parents have put together the perfect party, including a very special surprise.” You can watch this bloody tale below.

Poster & Trailer for the Must-See Short Horror Film Dregs

Dregs is a short film I have no problem championing. I caught it a few months ago and I’ll admit to jumping out of my seat at one of the scares. That doesn’t happen to me often.
Filmmakers Stephen Scott-Hayward and Richard Rudy released a trailer for the short film today (along with the poster you see here). The film is on its way to hitting the film festival circuit, beginning with the Sarajevo Film Festival on August 20th. Hayward and Rudy are hoping the short film will launch a larger project that can explore the world in-depth.

Exclusive Web Premiere of the Must-See Short Film ‘Witch’

Break-ups are never easy. Beyond the emotional anguish, the dissolving a relationship usually brings about a few unexpected surprises as we come to see in Witch, a short film that I saw shortly after its premiere at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas last year. And I’m happy to announce that Shock Till You Drop is giving Witch its web premiere so now all of you can see this vicious little gem.

Written and directed by Americo Siller and Tyler Mager, Witch is an impressive bite-sized tale of terror. What struck me upon first seeing it was the precision of the storytelling and editing as it doesn’t follow a linear narrative. It follows a young couple who are breaking up – quite publicly – and help a mysterious woman into her home. Something sinister awaits and it gets pretty crazy really fast.