Hellboy 3 Unlikely At This Point, Says Del Toro…

It’s probably best to let go of the notion of a Hellboy 3. Guillermo del Toro dropped this nugget of information during a Reddit AMA yesterday to promote The Strain which airs tomorrow night on FX.
Hellboy 3 has been the subject of a lot of rumors and rumblings over the years. Last summer, when Pacific Rim was hitting theaters, Ron Perlman was lobbying hard for a third installment that would tie up the film series. Things have quieted down since then, however.

The Horrors of Comic-Con 2013: Day 3 Schedule

Satuday is usually the biggest day at the San Diego Comic-Con, so buckle up…here’s the schedule of events going down that day.  

If you missed our breakdown of the horror events happening Thursday and Friday, click here and here.

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Dark Horse Teases the Return of Hellboy

If you’re following Hellboy comics, this is a welcome tease for you. If you’re not and you want to be kept in the dark, turn away now.

The last we saw of Big Red, he had his heart ripped out and there was only one place to go after that, his namesake. Dark Horse has finally produced a teaser for us for the upcoming Hellboy in Hell story arc from Mike Mignola.  The series will run for four issues and is set to be just the first in a line of Hellboy in Hell stories.

The first issue is set to be released December 5th of this year.  

Head inside for the full teaser!