Shock’s Third Release, Fortune Cookie Prophecies, Out Today!

Fortune Cookie Prophecies, the third horror film release in our distribution partnership with The Orchard, hits VOD/digital outlets. It will be available to rent or to buy. You can get it here.

In the film: When his wife cracks open a fortune cookie that prophesizes her death in four days, a pro-life doctor must solve the mystery behind the fortune before it’s too late.

Trailer, Images for Shock’s February Release Fortune Cookie Prophecies

Last year saw venturing into new territory: The distribution game. It also saw yours truly wearing a new cap labeled “acquisitions.” We announced that we had partnered with The Orchard to find, pick up and distribute a slate of horror films. The first two titles – Solo and Bela Kiss: Prologue – hit various digital and VOD platforms last October and December.

While we wait for those to hit DVD this spring, I wanted to tell you that our third release Fortune Cookie Prophecies from writer-director Henry Li.