First Photo Plucked from Dark Sky’s Cherry Tree

A week ago, Shock was the first to bring you more details about Cherry Tree, the latest production from Dark Sky Films. Written by Brendan McCarthy, we revealed the film was a tale of witchcraft. That’s your first look at the film you see here. Anna Walton (Hellboy II, Soulmate), Naomi Battrick and Sam Hazeldine (Resurrection) star. Wake Wood’s David Keating directs.

Cast, Plot Details Revealed for Wake Wood Director’s Cherry Tree

In the fall of 2012, MPI’s Dark Sky Films pacted with Ireland’s Fantastic Films for two productions. One was the amusing killer clown film Stitches, which we’ve seen released, the other was Cherry Tree, a film that saw Wake Wood’s David Keating back in the director’s seat.

Things have been quiet regarding Cherry Tree, however, Shock Till You Drop has learned…