FX Developing TV Series Sequel to American Psycho

A few months back, author Brett Easton Ellis was publicly musing on Twitter about the idea of a sequel to his hit novel “American Psycho,” and it seems someone was paying attention.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate Television and FX are developing a TV sequel to the text with executive producer Allison Shearmur and writer Stefan Jaworski.

American Psycho: The Musical Song Titles Revealed

Musicals take time to create and American Psycho: The Musical feels like one of those productions we’ve been reporting about for a white.  Fret not, it is coming – to London, to be more specific, sometime later this year.  (That almost seems wrong, considering Patrick Bateman prowls the streets of New York City.) 

But Duncan Shiek, the man behind the music, is hopeful it will land in the States and he spoke to Gothamist about some of the songs that will be featured.

Bret Easton Ellis Voices Cast Request for American Psycho Redo

Every week brings forth news of another remake and this week it was American Psycho.  Lionsgate is developing a modern-day adaptation with writer Noble Jones. 

While this project certainly has not been given the green light, that hasn’t prevented many people from sounding off with their casting choices for the main role, Patrick Bateman (previously essayed by Christian Bale).

And that’s including American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis.

Apparently, It’s Time for an American Psycho Remake

Let’s see, Mary Harron’s American Psycho was released in 2000, so over ten years have passed. 

In Hollywood’s mind, it’s time to re-adapt Bret Easton Ellis’ controversial novel as a writer has been hired to bring the life of serial killer Patrick Bateman to the screen one more time.