The Latest One-Sheet for Aftershock

With a May 10th release date looming, Radius TWC revealed a new one-sheet for Aftershock, directed by Nicolas Lopez.

Eli Roth co-writes and stars in the film which concerns an American tourist

Director Teases U.S. Poster for Aftershock

Director Nicolas Lopez snapped a photo of the U.S. one-sheet for Aftershock (which has, to date, not been revealed until now) and uploaded it to his Instagram feed for all to see.  You can check it out inside.

The film is being released by Radius TWC on May 10th.  In the film directed by Lopez – and co-written by/presented by/starring Eli Roth – an American tourist

Here’s the Trailer for Aftershock Starring Eli Roth

There’s been a whole lot of Eli Roth in our headlines lately, and for good reason.  In addition to wrapping The Green Inferno, he’s also shepherding (and directed the first episode for) Hemlock Grove, a Netflix original series, and starring in Aftershock (which he co-wrote).

Dimension Films is releasing the latter in 2013 and we have the trailer waiting for you after the jump.

In the film directed by Nicolas Lopez, an American tourist

TIFF Exclusive: Eli Roth on Aftershock and More

There are few bigger success stories that have come out of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) than filmmaker Eli Roth, who brought both Cabin Fever and the original Hostel to TIFF in 2002 and 2005 respectively.

This year, Roth was back in Toronto with Chilean filmmaker Nicol

Watch a Clip from Aftershock Starring Eli Roth

This Tuesday, September 11th, director Nicolas Lopez debuts Aftershock at the Toronto International Film Festival and, over the weekend, a clip hit the web.

In this slice of mayhem, we see a nightclub in the midst of an earthquake.  Douchebag get crushed and attractive women flee from falling debris.

Eli Roth co-scripted and stars.

Synopsis: In Chile, an American tourist

Dimension Films Closing In On Eli Roth-Produced Aftershock, Clown

Deadline is preemptively reporting that Dimension Films will pick up the distribution rights to Aftershock and Clown, both produced by Eli Roth.  Aftershock is making its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and Clown is going into production soon.

Roth also stars in Aftershock alongside Selena Gomez.  In the film, an American tourist

New Photo from Aftershock Starring Eli Roth is Appropriately Graphic

Eli Roth let slip yesterday that Aftershock, directed by Nicholas Lopez, is going to make its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.  The film is being added to the Midnight Madness program.

Roth produced and stars in the film which is said to be set on an island where the residents of an insane asylum are set free in the wake of earthquake.  The Hostel helmer also co-penned the tale with Guillermo Amoedo and Lopez.

Head inside for a larger look at the pic which features a man with an axe, blood and a dude in a precarious situation between some gal’s legs.