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The Dark Tower Finds Its Home on Television?

Source: MTV
October 25, 2011

Producer Brian Grazer has revealed that part of Ron Howard's The Dark Tower will air on HBO. If you recall, Howard and Grazer are setting out to bring Stephen King's property to film as a trilogy and to television.

"We're going to do ['The Dark Tower'] with HBO," Grazer told MTV. "We'll do the TV with HBO, and we'll do the movie be determined. We'll do it right."

With one part of this puzzle locked in place, now all The Dark Tower needs is to find a studio through which to create the films. But who will take on such a task?

Grazer added that "We're going to do that movie. We've lost $45 million out of the budget. When people say no to you enough, then you have to lose money, which we've done without harming the scope of the film."

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