Happy Thanksgiving from the Deadpool Movie

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Deadpool Movie.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Deadpool movie

Deadpool is everywhere these holidays! You can sit on his lap at theaters and now he’s joining you at your Thanksgiving meal as well. 20th Century Fox send out this Happy Thanksgiving greeting image featuring Ryan Reynolds as the popular character along with the following message:

“I forget. Is a turducken stuffed with three additional meats, or four? #HappyThanksgiving”

Based upon Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, Deadpool tells the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. Armed with his new abilities and a dark, twisted sense of humor, Deadpool hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

Reynolds stars as the title character alongside T.J. Miller as Weasel, Gina Carano as Angel Dust, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Morena Baccarin as Copycat and Ed Skrein as Ajax. The film will also feature the mutant Colossus, though Daniel Cudmore has confirmed he will not appear as the character. Reynolds has also expressed a desire that Hugh Jackman might cameo as Wolverine, though it remains unconfirmed as to whether or not he will actually appear.

Tim Miller is directing the movie from a script by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Confirmed to be rated RDeadpool is scheduled for a release on February 12, 2016.

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to chat with Reynolds on the Vancouver set of the film. If you haven’t already had a chance, check out our Deadpool set visit report.

The Russo Brothers Talk Captain America: Civil War Trailer

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The Russo Brothers Talk Captain America: Civil War Trailer.

The Russo Brothers talk Captain America: Civil War trailer

Following the debut of the Captain America: Civil War trailer, which you can check out in the player below, directors Anthony and Joe Russo sat down with Empire to talk about the film and the teases that the trailer offers.

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“You cannot have a character called Captain America without examining the politics of what that means, especially in this day and age,” Joe Russo says. “The heroes in this universe operate under their own auspices, not under the directive of a government, and that can cause a lot of problems. There’s a certain level of imperialism that we’re examining – what right do those that have power have to use that power, even if it’s to do good? How do you govern that kind of power?”

Russo went on to talk about the namesake for the film, the 2006 comic event, and how there’s not much by way of adaptation.

“We’re using the essence of what Civil War was about,” Joe Russo said of the source material. “The comic book isn’t applicable to the storytelling that we’ve structured up to this point, but the concept of registration, the notion that heroes need to be either monitored or controlled because their power can be scary, is applicable.”

“The challenge was, we’re doing the story of Civil War,” Anthony Russo adds. “Which everybody knows is nominally about superhero registration. And in a lot of ways that can be a political issue, and we didn’t want the conflict of the movie to solely exist on that level. We wanted to figure out very personal reasons why everyone’s relationship to this idea of registration is going to become complicated. That’s what the relationship between Steve and Bucky allowed us to do, to get very personal in terms of why people would lean one way or the other.”

Also seen in the trailer are the Sokovia Accords, named for the town seen at the climax of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

“The Accords are the world jointly trying to govern the Avengers moving forward,” continues Joe Russo. “It has to do with the effects of Ultron and Sokovia, and New York City , and Washington D.C. Examining the third acts of all the Marvel movies, we’re saying, if you could point to the collateral damage in all those incidents, could you use that against the Avengers to control them?”

Finally, Joe Russo spoke about the inclusion of William Hurt as General Thunderbolt Ross in the film.

“The job is to tie all these films together. To be able to pull from The Hulk, which may have been forgotten about a little bit, and make it relevant again within the cinematic universe, is important to us. We thought it would be interesting to take a character who had a fanatical anti-superhero point of view. Now he’s become much savvier and more political and has put himself in a position of power, not unlike a Colin Powell. He’s cornering the Avengers politically now, he’s out-manoeuvring them.”

Captain America: Civil War will be released on May 6, 2016.

Michael Giacchino Returns for Incredibles 2

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Michael Giacchino will return for The Incredibles 2.

Michael Giacchino will return to score Brad Bird’s The Incredibles 2

It’s not entirely a surprise, given that he’s been working with director Brad Bird on every single film Bird has helmed since the first The Incredibles in 2004, but today it’s official: Michael Giacchino will return to score The Incredibles 2. What’s more, Bird even shared some proof, tweeting out the below video of Michael Giacchino actually signing the Incredibles 2 contract. Check it out below!

“I don’t think I could have made this movie right away,” Bird told ComingSoon.net earlier this year when asked if the past ten years had changed his point of view on the characters at all. “Nor would I want to. I always want to break things up with something else. I know some directors who have done a movie and then, the very next thing they do is the sequel to that movie. Unless it’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ and it was always conceived of us doing it that way, I will always want to break it up with something else and then come back to it. That said, I’m really looking forward to playing with this playset again.”

While Bird is staying mum for the time being on specifics regarding the Incredibles 2 story, he did hint that some of the elements in the script are connected to ideas that didn’t make it into the original film.

“I had a bunch of ideas that I wanted to put in ‘The Incredibles,'” he said, “but they just didn’t fit. Certain ideas fit, but other things make you go, ‘This is great, but I’d have to give up two other things that matter more to me to get this other thing in.’ So there were a pile of ideas left over from ‘The Incredibles,’ but it’s not a big thing. There were little scenes and things that I was interested in. I wanted to come up with sort of an over-arching idea that connected to the first film that went somewhere different. That’s the one that took a little more time.”

Look for The Incredibles 2 to hit theaters June 21, 2019.

Jennifer Lawrence to Make Directorial Debut with Project Delirium

by Max Evry

Jennifer Lawrence to Make Directorial Debut with Project Delirium.

Jennifer Lawrence is set to make her directorial debut with Project Delirium

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence may be one of Hollywood’s top actresses, with dramatic ability seen in films like this winter’s Joy as well as action chops showcased in franchise roles for The Hunger Games and X-Men. Apparently that’s not enough for Lawrence, however, who has told Entertainment Weekly about her intentions to join the ranks of Ben Affleck, Angelina Jolie and other actors who also call the shots on set, which she will do for a dark comedy based on actual events titled Project Delirium.

“I’d also like to direct a comedy,” she says. “I have wanted to direct as long as I’ve wanted to act. I just don’t talk about it because I’d rather just do it. I’ve signed on to direct something called ‘Project Delirium’ — it’s based on this article about mental warfare in the ’60s, like an acid experiment gone terribly wrong. It’s funny, I’ve wanted to direct since I was 16 and always thought I should start making steps towards that. If I had tried to do it earlier, I wouldn’t have been ready. Now I actually feel ready.”

The 2012 New Yorker article she’s referring to, titled Operation Delirium by Raffi Khatchadourian, focuses on the chemical warfare experiments conducted by Colonel James S. Ketchum at the Edgewood military facility in Maryland from 1960 to 1969 in which he tested over 5000 volunteer U.S. soldiers with dangerous “incapacitating agents” including LSD, BZ and marijuana. The goal was to try to figure out a means to neutralize an enemy without killing them, although most of the Edgewood test subjects were not checked in on in the ensuing years for lasting mental damage caused by the experiments.

Lawrence is currently filming the sci-fi romance Passengers with Chris Pratt, and will reprise her role as Mystique in next summer’s X-Men: Apocalypse. She can be seen right now in theaters in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into the conspiracy and mind control weirdness surrounding Edgewood from a comedic perspective, The Last Podcast on the Left did a hilarious and disturbing two-parter on the subject which you can stream below.

(Photo Credit: WENN.com)

Men in Black 4 Will Feature a Female Lead

by Spencer Perry

Men in Black 4 Will Feature a Female Lead.

Men in Black 4 will feature a prominent Woman In Black

Speaking with the BBC’s Newsbeat (via /Film), Men in Black producer Laurie MacDonald revealed that the upcoming revival of the series will feature “a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film].”

The pair preciously indicated that franchise star Will Smith would be sitting out this this time, but MacDonald’s producing partner and husband Walter Parkes went on to say “Never count Will out.”

Parkes clarified that plans for the fourth film were still in early days, saying:

“We sort of looked at the first three in retrospect as a bit of a trilogy. We tried to tell a story about those two characters and that relationship, It sounds silly because it’s a fun, science fiction comedy but when you work on these things you sort of try to find some thematic basis underneath it. Now we are looking at a reinvention, but it’s a wonderful world to get back into.”

It remains to be seen if plans are still being made by Sony Pictures for the previously-reported franchise mash up of 21 Jump Street and the Men in Black franchise for a sci-fi comedy mocking “cinematic universes,” but given the busy schedule of filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the project could have been neuralyzed.

Starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, the first Men in Black was released in 1997 and went on to gross over $589 million worldwide. A follow-up was released in 2002, bringing in over $440 million worldwide, with a third debuting in theaters in 2012 and raking in over $620 million. Smith and Jones appeared in all three films, which were in turn all directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. The film series was originally based on the comics by Lowell Cunningham.

New Conjuring 2 Set Photos Show the Warrens in 1970s London

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New Conjuring 2 Set Photos Show the Warrens in 1970s London.

James Wan has shared new The Conjuring 2 set photos with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson

Director James Wan has shared some new The Conjuring 2 set photos via social media. Check them out below for a look at returning stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, set to reprise their The Conjuring roles as real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. You’ll also get a first look at the retro London location and Simon McBurney (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) in period costume, so check out the pics from The Conjuring 2: The Endfield Poltergeist below!


I bring my crane into every pub I visit. #warringtonhotel #london #conjuring2

A photo posted by James Wan (@creepypuppet) on

Unlike the recent spinoff film, Annabelle (which explored the back story of the first film’s terrifying doll), The Conjuring 2 will continue the based on truth adventures of the Warrens, whose cases have also inspired the likes of The Haunting in Connecticut and most notably, The Amityville Horror. The sequel is also set to feature Frances O’Connor, playing the part of a desperate mother whose daughter is experiencing a haunting.

The Conjuring 2: The Endfield Poltergeist features a screenplay by Chad and Carey Hayes who penned the first film along with House of Wax and The Reaping. James Wan (Saw, Insidious, Furious 7) will return to direct for a June 10, 2016 release.

What do you think of these latest The Conjuring 2 set photos? Are you looking forward to another terrifying big screen experience? Let us know in the comments below!

Free Games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold in December

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Free Games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold in December.

The free games for the month of December

Sony and Microsoft have both announced the slate of free games that will available to subscribing PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members for the month of December, 2015.

PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the dungeon crawler Gauntlet: Slayer Edition and fantasy-puzzle game King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember for PlayStation 4, first person shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and snowboarding title SSX for PlayStation 3, plus the RPG Freedom Wars and platformed Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for PS Vita.

Xbox Live Gold members will be able to download the hack-and-slash title The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing the entire month of December for Xbox One plus 2014’s stealth title Thief from December 16th to January 15th. On the Xbox 360 side of things (with Xbox One Backward Compatibility), players will be able to download the arcade strategy game Castlestorm from December 1st to December 15th, with the brawler Sacred 3 and shooter Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising available from December 16th to December 31st. 

Which free games are you looking forward to playing out of this lineup?

Zoe Saldana Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photo Preparing for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Zoe Saldana Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photo Preparing for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Zoe Saldana shares behind-the-scenes photo for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

With production set to begin on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 early next year in Atlanta, Georgia, star Zoe Saldana has shared a behind-the-scenes shot wherein the actress is having a facial cast prepared, presumably for the make-up department to create her prosthetic pieces for the role of Gamora. Check it out below!

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 cast will also feature the return of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer, Vin Diesel as Groot, and Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, the unlikely heroes who must team up in order to defeat a cosmic force of epic proportions. The group will be joined in the film by Canadian actress Pom Klementieff who could be playing the character Mantis.

James Gunn is back as director and writer for the sequel, which is expected to start shooting in early 2016 for a May 5, 2017 release date.

Guardians of the Galaxy opened in theaters on August 1, 2014 and earned an impressive $774 million at the worldwide box office.

Supergirl Casting a Young Superman for Later in the Season

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Supergirl Casting a Young Superman for Later in the Season.

Supergirl will reportedly cast a young Superman for later this season

In the opening minutes of every episode of Supergirl, Kara dictates her story from the doomed planet of Krypton and her journey to Earth. Her parents planned for her and her infant cousin, Kal-El, to land on Earth and allow her the opportunity to watch over him; however, Kara’s ship was knocked off course and by the time that she arrived on our world, Kal was already an adult, and already Superman.

With all that in mind, TVLine reports that the series is looking to cast a 13-year-old actor with “future leading man looks” for the role of Kal-El in a series of flashbacks set to establish his bond with Kara. The problem, of course, is that in the context of the series, Kara was trapped in The Phantom Zone when Kal was 13-years old. Though anything is possible in a show about people that fly around and have heat vision. Check back here for more details on the casting as we learn them.

Melissa Benoist leads the cast of Supergirl season one as the title character with a cast that also includes Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen, Laura Benanti as Alura Zor-El, Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant, Chyler Leigh as Alexandra “Alex” Danvers, Jeremy Jordan as Winslow “Winn” Schott, Jenna Dewan Tatum as Lucy Lane (sister of Lois), Iddo Goldberg as Red Tornado, David Harewood as Hank Henshaw, Peter Facinelli as Maxwell Lord, and Dean Cain and Helen Slater.

If you missed an episode of Supergirl, or just need a refresher, be sure to check out our weekly recaps by clicking here.

Bourne 5 Set Photos Feature Matt Damon Spying It Up in Germany

by Max Evry

Bourne 5 set photos

Bourne 5 set photos debut online!

We have new pics of Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass filming the untitled 5th installment of the Jason Bourne series with German action actor Vinzenz Kiefer (The Baader Meinhof Complex, Speed Racer) in Kreuzberg, Germany. Check out the Bourne 5 set photos in the gallery below!

The still-untitled fifth entry in the action franchise, Bourne 5 will feature the return of Academy Award-winning actor Matt Damon to the title role with The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum helmer Paul Greengrass back in the director’s chair.

Little is known about the plot of the new film, although it has been confirmed that it will not feature a crossover between Damon’s Bourne and Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross. Julia Stiles will be reprising her franchise role, however, with Ex Machina and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.‘s Alicia Vikander also set to star alongside franchise newcomers Tommy Lee Jones, Riz Ahmed, Vincent Cassell and Scott Shepherd. Although still unconfirmed, Jones is rumored to be playing a high-ranking CIA official with Cassell starring as the film’s chief antagonist, an assassin on Jason Bourne’s tail.

“Without giving too much of it away, it’s Bourne through an austerity-riddled Europe and in a post-Snowden world,” Damon recently told BuzzFeed about the sequel. “It seems like enough has changed, you know? There are all these kinds of arguments about spying and civil liberties and the nature of democracy.”

Frank Marshall is producing the new “Bourne” movie alongside Jeffrey Weiner for Captivate Entertainment. Greengrass, Damon and Greg Goodman also attached to produce. The film opens in theaters on July 29, 2016.

Over 80 Screenshots from the Captain America: Civil War Trailer!

by Spencer Perry

Over 80 Screenshots from the Captain America: Civil War Trailer!

Over 80 screenshots from the Captain America: Civil War trailer!

Following the debut of the Captain America: Civil War trailer last night, we’ve combed through the video and pulled out over 80 screenshots for your viewing pleasure! Check them out in the gallery below!

Marvel Studios‘ Captain America: Civil War finds Steve Rogers leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps—one led by Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability.

Joining Evans and Downey Jr. in the film are Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson/Falcon, Paul Bettany as The Vision, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Don Cheadle as Jim Rhodes/War Machine and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier alongside Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa/Black Panther, Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter/Agent 13, Daniel Brühl as Baron Helmut Zemo, Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow/Crossbones, William Hurt as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, and Paul Rudd as Scott Lang/Ant-Man. The film will also debut Marvel’s new Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland.

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo from a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, Captain America: Civil War will be released on May 6, 2016.

Tremors TV Series Planned with Kevin Bacon Returning

by Silas Lesnick

A Tremors tv series is in the works with Kevin Bacon returning!

Kevin Bacon will battle Graboids once again on a new Tremors TV series!

The 1990 cult classic Tremors marked one of the first leading roles for actor Kevin Bacon. Today, EW reports that Bacon will be back for an upcoming Tremors TV series! Bacon will not only star, reprising his Valentine McKee role for the first time in 25 years, but will also serve as executive producer.

Plans for the Tremors tv series hail from Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions. Andrew Miller, creator of The CW‘s “The Secret Circle,” is attached to script. Plot details have not yet been revealed, but it appears that the new Tremors tv series will maintain continuity with at least the first film in the franchise and will return the story’s setting to Perfection, Nevada.

Directed by Ron Underwood, the first Tremors also stars Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Michael Gross and Reba McEntire as a group of unfortunate souls who find themselves facing off against “Graboids,” monstrous sandworm creatures living beneath the earth of a small Nevada town.

Tremors received a big screen sequel, Tremors 2: Aftershocks, in 1996. A direct to home video sequel, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, arrived in 2001, followed by a direct to home video prequel, Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, in 2004. 2003 also saw the launch of a first, short-lived Tremors TV series. Then, just last month, the world received a fifth direct to home video sequel, Tremors 5: Bloodlines.

Although the new Tremors TV series does not yet have a home, it is expected to announce one in the near future. After all, STARZ has already proven the power of in-continuity followups to horror classics. Their currently airing Ash vs. Evil Dead has met with acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Following the announcement of the new Tremors TV series, Kevin Bacon posted the following to his official Twitter account:

Will you tune in for a new Tremors tv series? Is there anyone else from the franchise that you’d like to see return? Let us know in the comments below!

Tom Cruise to Face… The Mummy!

by Silas Lesnick

Tom Cruise may be the first to join the Mummy cast.

Tom Cruise will face off against The Mummy in the upcoming Universal Pictures reboot

Tom Cruise is gearing up to take on The Mummy. Variety has the news, reporting that the three-time Academy Award nominee is the first cast member to board director Alex Kurtzman’s contemporary take on the classic monster. The plan is for this new Mummy film to lead into Universal Pictures’ planned “shared universe” of monster movies. 

The Mummy offers a modern take on the legend that has endured since the dawn of man. Alex Kurtzman is set to direct the film from a script by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus). The Mummy reboot is set for release on March 24, 2017 with another Untitled Universal Monster Movie set to follow it on March 30, 2018.

Although Tom Cruise’s Mummy role has not yet been revealed, it’s worth nothing that the star was previously eyeing the Universal Monsters cinematic universe with plans to headline a Van Helsing feature.

It wasn’t long ago that word broke that The Mummy might feature a female version of the title monster. According to recent reports, the film is currently casting for the possibilities of both male and female versions.

The Mummy was made famous on the big screen by Boris Karloff in Karl Freund’s 1932 feature. Subsequent sequels to the original The Mummy saw Tom Tyler (who played Captain Marvel/Shazam in the original 1941 serials) and later Lon Chaney Jr. playing a different mummy than the one Karloff played. Stephen Sommers’ more recent The Mummy and The Mummy Returns films set Arnold Vosloo in the title role. Jet Li then played he villain in Rob Cohen’s The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Tom Cruise starred earlier this year in Christopher McQuarrie’s Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. He’s planning to reprise his Ethan Hunt role for another sequel and is set to return as Jack Reacher in next year’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Edward Zwick is taking the director’s chair for the sequel, which is targeted to hit the big screen October 21, 2016.

What do you think of Tom Cruise joining The Mummy? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photo Credit: Dan Jackman / WENN.com)

Doctor Strange Cast Confirmed as Production Officially Begins

by Spencer Perry

Doctor Strange Cast Confirmed as Production Officially Begins.

Doctor Strange cast officially confirmed

Despite set photos popping up online a few weeks ago, Marvel Studios has now announced that production has officially begun on the upcoming Doctor Strange and confirmed the film’s cast. Production on the film is currently set up in London with additional plans to shoot in New York and Hong Kong.

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the title hero in the film and is joined by Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, Rachel McAdams, and Michael Stuhlbarg, with Mads Mikkelsen, and Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One. Other cast members previously reported to be in the film include Scott Adkins and Amy Landecker.

Scheduled to hit theaters November 4, 2016, Doctor Strange is scripted by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, Passengers) and directed by Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily RoseDeliver Us From Evil). Doctor Strange follows the story of neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a horrific car accident, discovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is produced by Kevin Feige with Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Charles Newirth, Stephen Broussard and Stan Lee serving as executive producers.

Director Scott Derrickson’s creative team also includes director of photography Ben Davis, B.S.C. (Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy); production designer Charles Wood (Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy); costume designer Alexandra Byrne (Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy); editors Wyatt Smith (Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World) and Sabrina Plisco, ACE; and visuals effects supervisor Stephane Ceretti (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy).

Over 40 Photos from The Flash and Arrow Crossover Episodes!

by Spencer Perry

Over 40 Photos from The Flash and Arrow Crossover Episodes!

Over 40 photos from The Flash and Arrow crossover

Ahead of the big event next week, The CW has released over 40 new photos from the upcoming The Flash and Arrow crossover episodes which you can check out in the gallery below!

The Flash half of the crossover is titled “Legends of Today” and is officially described as follows:

“In its second major crossover event with “Arrow,” Vandal Savage (guest star Casper Crump) arrives in Central City and sets his sights on Kendra Saunders (guest star Ciara Renée). After Vandal attacks Kendra and Cisco, they turn to Barry for help. Realizing how dangerous Vandal is, Barry takes Kendra to Star City and asks Oliver and team to hide her until he can figure out how to stop Vandal. However, things quickly go from bad to worse when a man with wings AKA Hawkman (guest star Falk Hentschel) shows up and flies off with Kendra. Meanwhile, Harrison develops a serum to make Barry run faster and asks Jay (guest star Teddy Sears) to test it out.”

“Legends of Today” is directed by Ralph Hemecker with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing. It’s set to air on Tuesday, December 1.

The Arrow half of the crossover is titled “Legends of Yesterday” and is officially described as follows:

“Oliver and Barry Allen take Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall to a remote location to keep them hidden from Vandal Savage while they figure out how to defeat him. Malcolm arranges a meeting between Vandal, Green Arrow and The Flash that doesn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Felicity, Thea, Diggle and Laurel work with Team Flash to come up with a weapon powerful enough to destroy Vandal Savage.”

“Legends of Yesterday” is directed by Thor Freudenthal with story by Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim and teleplay by Brian Ford Sullivan & Marc Guggenheim. The episode will air on December 2.

Ben Affleck Promises ‘Massive’ Big Screen DC Universe

by Silas Lesnick

Ben Affleck says that a 'massive' big screen DC Universe is being planned.

Ben Affleck says that the upcoming big screen DC Universe is “going to be massive”

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to enter its “Phase Three” with the May 6, 2016 release of Captain America: Civil War, things have been going a bit slower over at the Distinguished Competition. When the much-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters March 25, there will have been nearly three years between it and its direct predecessor, Man of Steel. In a new story over at Variety, however, leading man Ben Affleck promises that the big screen DC Universe will be worth waiting for.

“They are now developing… probably the single greatest under-exploited IP asset in the entertainment business, the DC comic world,” Affleck tells the outlet, “and now they have started to exploit that and you are going to see that blossom. And, when it does, it’s going to be massive.”

Affleck is one of the key players when it comes to the future of the big screen DC Universe. Not only will he play the Dark Knight himself in next year’s superhero showdown, the two-time Academy Award winner is all but confirmed to reprise the role in both the two-part Justice League and in a solo Batman film that Affleck is likely to direct and co-write with Geoff Johns. In his discussion with the trade, however, Affleck is quick to point out that much of the credit for the studio’s DC Universe plans lie with Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara.

“I was really impressed by that and by the intelligence of his notes,” says Affleck, “and the fact that he cared… He was willing to take longer to make the movie to get it right to make it a movie of higher quality.”

The current lineup for the big screen DC Universe has David Ayer’s Suicide Squad following Batman v Superman on August 5, 2016. Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman will then arrive June 23, 2017, followed by Justice League: Part One on November 10, 2017. 2018 will bring The Flash on March 23 and Aquaman on July 27. 2019 has both Shazam tentatively set for April 5, 2019 and Justice League: Part Two for June 14. 2020’s DC Universe additions include Cyborg on April 3 and Green Lantern Corps on June 19.

Of course, we’re likely to hear about more than a few DC Universe surprises as buzz continues to circulate surrounding projects like Justice League Dark. The schedule itself is also probably going to a shift a bit in the months and years to come.

Which of these DC Universe films are you most looking forward to? Is there anything you want to see added to the schedule? Let us know in the comments below!

Poe Dameron in a New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Photo

by Spencer Perry

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Cast Land on the Cover of Empire.

New photo from Star Wars: The Force Awakens features Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron

Following their cover reveal earlier todayEmpire has debuted a new photo from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens featuring Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron in the clutches of the First Order. Check it out in the gallery below!

Opening in theaters on December 18, 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and features a new generation of swashbuckling heroes and shadowy villains, as well as the return of fan-favorite smugglers, princesses, and Jedi.

Directed by J.J. Abrams, the highly-anticipated movie stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Max Von Sydow. Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk are producing with Tommy Harper and Jason McGatlin serving as executive producers. The screenplay is by Lawrence Kasdan & J.J. Abrams and Michael Arndt.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be followed on December 16, 2016 by Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryStar Wars: Episode VIII on May 26, 2017, and the Han Solo anthology movie on May 25, 2018. No release dates have been announced for Star Wars: Episode IX or for the third anthology movie. It was recently confirmed, however, that Jurassic World‘s Colin Trevorrow will be helming the third Saga chapter.

You can watch all the previously-released trailers and TV spots for the film by clicking here.

Marvel’s Luke Cage Adds Sonia Braga as Claire Temple’s Mom

by Spencer Perry

Marvel's Luke Cage Adds Sonia Braga as Claire Temple's Mom.

Marvel’s Luke Cage adds another cast member with Sonia Braga

Marvel Entertainment has announced today that three-time Golden Globe nominee Sonia Braga has joined the cast of Marvel’s Luke Cage in the role of Soledad Temple, the mother of Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple.

“A character as strong as Claire needs an equally powerful mother, and with Sonia we found the perfect actress to deliver the stellar performance we needed,” said Executive Producer/Head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb. “In ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage,’ fans will now get a chance to see where Claire got the fire we love her for.”

“Sonia Braga? Rosario Dawson? ‘Nuff said. I’m tuning in,” said Executive Producer and Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker. “When it came to finding someone who was both formidable yet possessed a light touch, Sonia was the perfect choice and has been a Godsend.”

After a sabotaged experiment leaves him with super strength and unbreakable skin, Luke Cage becomes a fugitive trying to rebuild his life in modern day Harlem, New York City. But he is soon pulled out of the shadows and must fight a battle for the heart of his city–forcing him to confront a past he had tried to bury.

Colter leads a cast that also includes Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Frank Whaley as Rafael Scarfe, Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth, Theo Rossi as Shades, and Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard.

Cheo Hodari Coker (Notorious, “NCIS: Los Angeles”) will serve as executive producer and showrunner of the anticipated series, Marvel’s Luke Cage. Coker is writing the first two episodes of the series that will premiere in 2016, everywhere that Netflix is available.

Created by Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr., Luke Cage is one of the most popular street level heroes in the Marvel Universe who possesses superhuman strength and impenetrable skin. He’s also a friend and frequent business partner with Danny Rand aka Iron Fist, who will also be getting his own series on Netflix.

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Star Trek Beyond Set for IMAX Release

by Spencer Perry

Star Trek Beyond Set for IMAX Release.

Star Trek Beyond set for an IMAX release in 2016

Paramount Pictures, Skydance, Bad Robot and IMAX Corporation announced today that the upcoming Star Trek Beyond will be digitally re-mastered into the immersive IMAX format and receive an IMAX release worldwide when the film debuts in theaters on July 22, 2016.

“IMAX provides a one-of-a-kind movie going experience to audiences all over the world,” said director Justin Lin. “I am excited to bring the newest journey into the ‘Star Trek’ universe to its screens.”

“‘Star Trek’ is an iconic franchise and IMAX is delighted to once again be a part of its world and to partner for the third time with Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Bad Robot on Star Trek Beyond,” said Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX Corp. and CEO of IMAX Entertainment. “This space epic is exactly the type of event film that our exhibitor partners and fans around the world eagerly anticipate, particularly as it is so ideally suited to the IMAX format.”

The upcoming third film in the rebooted franchise reunites Jon Cho, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoë Saldana, Karl Urban and Anton Yelchin as the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise and introduces Idris Elba, Sofia Boutella, Lydia Wilson and Joe Taslim. Lin directed Star Trek Beyond based on a script by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung.

The Force Awakens Invades Jimmy Kimmel Live!

by Max Evry

The Force Awakens Invades Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens invades Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Last night, J.J. Abrams and the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens invaded the Hollywood soundstage of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they revealed many secrets behind the much-anticipated sequel! Okay, maybe not that many secrets. Adam Driver couldn’t even say if we see his face in the movie or not. Here’s a very brief list of the things we learned from the broadcast:

-Except for some minor color corrections and last-minute technical tweaks,  the film is done.

-Only a few select friends and family members of J.J. Abrams have seen the movie.

-The first word spoken in The Force Awakens is “This…”

There you have it. Not much in the way of spoilers, but this is J.J. “Mystery Box” Abrams we’re talking about, and the cast have already said there are contractual financial penalties if they reveal any specific details about the movie. However, we still encourage you to watch some of the fun clips below, which includes a reconciliation between Harrison Ford and Chewbacca after their last tense appearance on the show. There’s also cast members Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Carrie Fisher, the latter of whom whispers the ending of the movie in Jimmy’s ear.

Opening in theaters on December 18, 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and features a new generation of swashbuckling heroes and shadowy villains, as well as the return of fan-favorite smugglers, princesses, and Jedi.

Directed by J.J. Abrams, the highly-anticipated movie stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Max Von Sydow. Kathleen Kennedy, J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk are producing with Tommy Harper and Jason McGatlin serving as executive producers. The screenplay is by Lawrence Kasdan & J.J. Abrams and Michael Arndt.

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