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Danny Boyle Asked to Direct Lady Vengeance

Source: Empire Online
January 8, 2009

In a chat at Empire Online, Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle was asked about his upcoming projects and revealed that he's been asked to direct a remake of Chan-wook Park's Lady Vengeance. Here are clips from the chat:

thebestnameshavegone asks: Is there any news regarding Terry Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy which you were mooted to be involved with?
Oh God, yeah. It's fallen apart. Frank Cotrell Boyce (Millions) and I were going to do it for DreamWorks but sadly no longer. Sorry about that wonderful novel(s).

brent71195 asks: Any plans for the Judge Dredd movie Danny? Are you a fan or is it just something that interests you?
Where has this come from? Someone asked me about Judge Dredd the other day! Well... ha! I hated the last version of it; I can't imagine the next one will be any better.

djimi42 asks: What is the future of the 28 Days franchise? Is there any possibility you could direct 28 Months Later?
Yeah, we've got a good idea for the third one. Very strange. And sadly we've run out of time to tell you about it...

blackmores hat asks: Can I ask what's the state of play on Porno?
Just waiting for the original actors to age. Help them if you can. Take them out drinking get them away from the spas and those moisturisers.

Dick Darlington asks: Hi Danny, what do you think of the current British Film industry, the type of movies being made?
I almost just bought Mum & Dad, and I will do on its next markdown at HMV. That's the kind of micro-budget film we will see a lot more of soon. And I hear it's quite good. (Looks in HMV bag next to him) I did actually buy Come And See, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance and 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days.

Kinema asks: What do you think of the Asian Film Industry, mainly South Korea and Hong Kong? A lot of South Korean movies are being made into US Remakes. Would you ever consider remaking a good South Korean movie, maybe OLDBOY?
Seriously, I was just asked to do a remake of Lady Vengeance, the one after Oldboy. My favourite is Audition.

The full chat transcript is available here!

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