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Comic-Con: Watch the Entire Veronica Mars Sneak Peek

Source: Silas Lesnick
July 20, 2013

Marshmallows (the fan term for the devotees of Rob Thomas' young P.I.) filled Hall H yesterday for a sneak peek at the upcoming Veronica Mars feature film. The footage from the event is now online and you can check it out in the player below!

"The good thing for me," Thomas told the eager crowd, "is that I think the story I wanted to tell is the one that the fans want to hear... Veronica has not worked as a P.I. since season three. Part of the movie is her getting pulled into this life she's left behind."

Leading lady Kristen Bell recalled the heartbreak of learning that the show had been cancelled back in 2007. Ironically enough, she was shooting a scene for Forgetting Sarah Marshall wherein her title character had to react to her own, fictional show not getting renewed.

"Part of the weird magic of this show for me is that there's a very special connection between Rob's brain and my brain," she says. "...Something about his voice is really easy for me to jump into."

She went on to reveal her (still memorized) first bit of dialogue from the new film's production.

"Charming drink names," we'll hear Veronica say in early 2014. "I can’t decide between the 'Beast with Two Backs' or the 'Donkey Punch.' Do you think they’d let me order a virgin 'De-virginator'?”

As excited as fans were to see the entire cast reunite on stage, having Veronica's TV dad, Keith Mars, there in the form of actor Enrico Colantoni was quite arguably the most heartwarming. Thomas waited until three weeks into production to bring Colantoni to set to help make his first scenes all the more emotional.

Colantoni discussed the ongoing connection that he and Bell continue to share (they frequent hockey games together to this day) and how the series has been something that his own, real-life daughter has started to watch and identify with.

"She'll never, ever have a dad like Keith Mars," he grins.

Although nothing is set in stone, the future of "Veronica Mars" looks bright. Thomas promises the film in the "first couple of months" of 2014 with a series of novels set to follow that continue Mars' adventures. After that, future films will rely on the first one's success.

"I want to be a Bond franchise," Thomas says. "...[Veronica Mars] may be on my tombstone. I'm very, very proud of this show."

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