D23 Expo: Lasseter on Ant-Man & Possible Pixar Sequels

Source: Silas Lesnick
September 13, 2009

Following his presentation this morning at Anaheim's D23 Expo, John Lasseter held a press conference, fielding questions about upcoming projects, including dismissing a rumor that Pixar may be looking at Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and offering a sly "no comment" on potential sequels to other Pixar properties.

"I had met all the folks from Marvel a couple of times and they're terrific," says Lasseter, a man of few words regarding Pixar's interest in Marvel properties, "The whole 'Ant-Man' thing is just a rumor."

Lasseter also played it coy with another question, asking whether or not the future might hold sequels to Monsters, Inc. or The Incredibles.

"That's a great question," says Lasseter, "Unfortunately, I can't answer that question... We're very excited about the ones that we've announced."

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