D23 Expo: Description of the New Toy Story 3 Trailer

Source: Heather Newgen
September 13, 2009

During the Pixar presentation at the D23 Expo, John Lasseter treated the packed crowd of "Toy Story" fans to the new trailer for the upcoming third film in the franchise.

The footage we saw starts off with home videos of Andy as a young boy. We see him playing with his toys and then it cuts to him getting ready to leave for college.

He's in his room on the computer and his mom walks in asking what he's going to do with his old toys. You see Woody and Buzz in a toy box with the others.

The toys all then have a meeting to talk about what they think their future is. Woody calms down Rex as he worries about the possibility of being thrown away.

Andy then comes back, picks up Woody and Buzz, then walks out of his room. We're not sure where he's going until the next scene where we see the toys in what looks like to be a day care or preschool. Little kids are terrorizing them and they try to make a run for it.

It looks like they successfully breakout, but where they go is unclear.

Lasseter told the audience he understand what's it like watching your kids grow up and leave for college and said he thinks a lot of people will be able to relate.

Also of note: There appear to be new lines for Slinky Dog. We're not sure if it's a Jim Varney impersonator or if they're unused lines from outtakes.

Toy Story 3 is scheduled to hit theaters on June 18, 2010 in Disney Digital 3-D.

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