From the Set: The Cast of Beautiful Creatures

Source:   Heather Newgen
November 8, 2012

Warner Bros. is bringing the magical tale of Beautiful Creatures to the big screen and has your behind-the-scenes look! The movie is based on the popular book series about a group of casters (witches) who live in the small fictional town of Gatlin, South Carolina.

The main character in the story is Ethan Wate, played by newcomer Alden Ehrenreich. He's in high school and lives with his dad, who is basically a recluse after his mom dies. The housekeeper Amma (Viola Davis) serves as a surrogate mother figure and she's very protective and strict with Ethan.

He's lived in the same place all of his life and he wants out. He doesn't find the small town atmosphere appealing or interesting, so his main goal is to leave as soon as he can, but when he meets new the girl in school, Lena (Alice Englert), things liven up and small town life suddenly becomes much more exciting.

He falls in loves, but things quickly become complicated when rumors swirl around Lena and her family. She lives with her uncle Mason (Jeremy Irons) and he has a reputation for being odd and different because he never leaves his mansion and is rarely seen. As a result, Lena is picked on at school, but Ethan in enchanted with her and comes to her defense.

The two have a strong connection, but trouble is brewing. Lena and her family are casters, but she doesn't tell Ethan at first. She’s about to turn 16 and every caster must have a claiming party which will determine if they will become dark (evil) or light (good). The caster doesn't have a say in the matter and Lena doesn't want to go dark. Ethan tries to convince her she has free will and wants her to leave town with him, but she's forced to stay. The pair will have the fight of their lives to stay together and prevent Lena from turning evil. had the opportunity to hang out on the set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and chat with the cast of the film.

The scene that was being shot while we were there was Lena's big claiming party that will decide her future. The event was being held at her uncle's place, which is a beautiful home built in the 1830s just outside Baton Rouge. It was aged for the film and the only thing added to the outside was dried moss, which gives the house a mystic look.

The backyard was set up for the party, which included a black and white checkered dance floor with a mirrored ball hung in the center. There were about 30 extras that were playing party goers and they wore the most extravagant and creative costumes. One woman was in a strapless black dress with leaves sewn on throughout paired with black gloves which went up to her elbows and at the end wer Polka dot poofy ruffles. She wore an incredible headpiece with antlers and jewels dangling down which sat on top of moss and leaves accessorized with a large statement piece necklace.

Another amazing costume we saw was a man who donned a burnt orange coat, black pants, a giant fake bird on his shoulder and cob webs painted on his face.

Seeing the spectacular wardrobe was worth the trip alone! As we watched the scene, we didn't hear dialogue between the party guests, but we did hear director Richard LaGravenese telling the extras he wanted "style, anger and attitude" from them. He told them "it's the last place they'd want to be" and it's like "they're backup singers for an artist they hate. They have to do their job and get the moves right, but they aren't happy about it."

You can read the interviews via the links below!

Alden Ehrenreich on Playing Ethan Wate

Alice Englert on playing Lena Duchannes

Emmy Rossum on playing Ridley Duchannes

Beautiful Creatures opens in theaters on February 13, 2013. You can watch the trailer using the player below.

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