Comic-Con: The Soska Sisters Talk Painkiller Jane Feature Film

Source:   CraveOnline,
July 25, 2014


It was revealed just two days ago that American Mary directors Jen and Sylvia Soska have been tapped to helm the big screen adaptation of Painkiller Jane. Now, speaking with our friends at CraveOnline, the Soska sisters spoke about the film and what we can expect.

"There's... a scene where Jane's not wearing anything but bullets flying all around her, so no punches are going to be pulled in this movie," they said, before adding, "It was like watching 'The Heat' on steroids when I read this script."

The duo quipped that the antagonist of the film is "The Wolverine Terminator," but went on to specify that he ties back into the origin of the character in the film.

"The one who creates her is her nemesis, but oh my God she lets him have it."

They went on to say they've got big plans for the franchise: "Without spoilers I think we're going to go and do a lot with that franchise. So you're going to see a lot of Jane and story fully developed. How long has it been since we've had a kick-ass female?"

You can read even more about the Soska sisters' upcoming film See No Evil 2 over at

Created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada back in 1995, Painkiller Jane is officially described as follows:

“Jane Vasko was an undercover police officer attempting to infiltrate a major New York city drug ring. After gaining the trust of dealers, her cover was unknowingly blown and she was forced drugged into a coma. Jane remained in secrecy as a Jane Doe until one day she awoke to a world where nothing was the same. Infused somehow during her fitful sleep with strange powers, Jane has nothing left to lose and a whole lot of people to make pay for what they’ve done…”

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