Rian Johnson on The Last Jedi & New Trilogy, Plus More Star Wars News!

Rian Johnson on The Last Jedi & new trilogy, plus more Star Wars news!

The purpose of this roundup is to put all the Star Wars news from the last week in one location. If you read this each week, you should be able to converse fluently with any Star Wars fan on everything from the latest Star Wars developments to the latest toys. And maybe you’ll even share with them something that they might have missed.

Let’s get to it! We kick things off this week with our Rian Johnson interview, in which he talks about Star Wars: The Last Jedi and his upcoming new trilogy. He says The Force will be part of the new films!

The Last Jedi Press Junket

Lucasfilm must really like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. After all, they have given director Rian Johnson the green light to develop a new Star Wars trilogy set in a galaxy not quite as far away. But Rian is likable for a lot of other reasons. He’s funny, humble, passionate about Star Wars, and loving every moment of the process of making Episode VIII (which he is documenting along the way with black and white photos he periodically snaps). When I recently met Rian in Los Angeles at the press junket for The Last Jedi, I asked him about the new trilogy, what we might see in it, what it was like working with composer John Williams, and if George Lucas had seen the film yet.

I’m at the Star Wars junket today! Security is tight.

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Rey’s costume on display

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Kylo Ren is back in black

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Leia’s costume

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Leia’s space jewelry

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Girl’s BB-8 shirt

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Luke’s costume

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Porg Life

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

More Star Wars merchandise!

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Kylo Ren costume closeups

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Leia’s left hand ring

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

From the Star Wars junket

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

Sights from the Star Wars junket

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

More Star Wars merchandise

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 2, 2017

I met BB-8’s brother from another mother today.

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 3, 2017

So @rianjohnson took my picture today, so that was pretty awesome. That’s the first figure I bought as a kid and I’ve kept it since 1977.

— Scott Chitwood (@Red5Aggie) December 3, 2017

.@HamillHimself talks to us about the highly-anticipated @starwars: The Last Jedi! #StarWarsTheLastJedi #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— (@comingsoonnet) December 6, 2017

Watch our interviews with Daisy Ridley and @JohnBoyega on @starwars: The Last Jedi! #StarWarsTheLastJedi #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— (@comingsoonnet) December 6, 2017

We talked to Adam Driver about playing Kylo Ren again in Star Wars: The Last Jedi! #StarWarsTheLastJedi #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— (@comingsoonnet) December 7, 2017

The Last Jedi News and Rumors

New @StarWars: #TheLastJedi spot, as introduced by @HamillHimself, on the #DisneyHolidayCelebration. Few new clips and some different music!

— Jeff D Lowe (@JeffDLowe) December 1, 2017

Exclusive new #TheLastJedi image of Domhnall Gleeson’s General Hux.

— Empire Magazine (@empiremagazine) December 1, 2017

Card no. 9 in the Topps Star Wars Countdown to Episode 8 is now available, but for just 24 hours!!

— Topps Company (@Topps) December 1, 2017

“I definitely felt bad about pushing the porg aside so violently like I did,” Finnish actor Joonas Suotamo (aka the new Chewie) said:

— USA TODAY Life (@usatodaylife) December 1, 2017

Secrets of The Last Jedi: Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer starship

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) December 1, 2017

Carrie Fisher Remembered By Her ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Castmates #TheLastJedi

— sleemo (@sleemo_) December 1, 2017

.@JohnBoyega froze up on the set of ‘The Circle’: “I found myself basically in a 101 acting class with Emma Watson…It was embarrassing”

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) December 1, 2017

The cast of #StarWars #TheLastJedi tell us their initial reactions to the script, bring us up to speed on a lovable character, and what we can expect from the highly anticipated film! Watch our full special here:

— PeopleTV (@peopletv) December 1, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Training Featurette

Kicking off @StarWars season with a special cast show TONIGHT! @HamillHimself #AdamDriver #DaisyRidley @JohnBoyega #OscarIsaac @AndySerkis @LoveGwendoline #KellyMarieTran @LauraDern @RianJohnson #TheLastJedi #ReyDay #Kimmel

— Jimmy Kimmel Live (@JimmyKimmelLive) December 2, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Pitch Ideas to Star Wars Director Rian Johnson

The Cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Talk Kylo Ren, Jedi Controversy, Harrison Ford & Secrets

The Cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Talk Cliffhanger Scene & Luke Skywalker’s Beard

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Chinese Exclusive Trailer

Gwendoline Christie’s Motivation For Joining ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Star Wars The Last Jedi TV Spot Trailer 20

Gwendoline Christie on her ‘Star Wars’ training

STAR WARS 8 Watch Your Language Trailer (2017) The Last Jedi

Kids interview the cast of #Star Wars: #TheLastJedi and the answers are hilarious Watch more here:

— PeopleTV (@peopletv) December 7, 2017

Finished art for my #StarWars #TheLastJedi poster (84x59cm) created for Starwalking Australia’s Dec 14 midnight screenings in Sydney and Melbourne and FREE to every ticket holder. Seats are STILL available thru !

— Hugh Fleming (@ShuggyMF) December 2, 2017

His art for #TheLastJedi is impressive, most impressive. @PaulShipper discusses his poster with

— Star Wars (@starwars) December 5, 2017

Secrets of #TheLastJedi: Meet BB-9E—an evil droid of the First Order

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) December 3, 2017

Force-powered pop art for #TheLastJedi.

— Star Wars (@starwars) December 3, 2017

Oscar Isaac’s Friend Has A Role In ‘The Last Jedi’ – #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) December 3, 2017

“If I had not been cast in #StarWars, I would have been there first day, first show.” —Mark @HamillHimself

— VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) December 3, 2017

obviously the one by @paulshipper

— PosterSpy (@PosterSpy) December 4, 2017

Daisy Ridley Clarifies Her Statement About Being Done With Star Wars After Episode IX – #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— SWNN (@StarWarsNewsNet) December 4, 2017

.@LauraDern‘s reaction to seeing Chewbacca for the first time is all of us! Watch our full #StarWars #TheLastJedi special here:

— PeopleTV (@peopletv) December 4, 2017

Mark Hamill created a devastating backstory for Luke Skywalker

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) December 4, 2017

What happened when the new Chewbacca met Luke Skywalker and four other things you need to know about #StarWars #TheLastJedi star @joonassuotamo

— Brian Truitt (@briantruitt) December 4, 2017

Name Of Another First Order Walker From ‘The Last Jedi’ Revealed – #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) December 4, 2017

I guess I should clarify this: the first assembly cut of every movie ever made is 1. Waaaaay too long and 2. So terrible you feel you’re a fraud and want to curl up & die. TLJ was no different. Then you take a breath, get to work and turn it into something.

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) December 5, 2017

#DaisyRidley wouldn’t cave. So with one week to go, I’m switching tactics. Let’s see if @Lupita_Nyongo is also going to place secrets above a three week friendship. #TheLastJedi #StarWars #SpoilerHunt #LittleMonstersFilm @rianjohnson

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) December 5, 2017

The creative forces behind #TheLastJedi gathered for a press event this weekend, and was there.

— Star Wars (@starwars) December 5, 2017

STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI Cast Interviews – Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega

Brilliant idea @rianjohnson. The perfect way to prevent people from walking out. #TheLastJedi #CriticProof

— @HamillHimself (@HamillHimself) December 5, 2017

Verizon | Star Wars “The Last Jedi”

In which I gush about Phantom Thread, and lots of very talented folks gush about lots of other gush worthy movies:

— Rian Johnson (@rianjohnson) December 6, 2017

Questions About Kylo Ren Will Remain After Episode IX – #StarWars #TheLastJedi #EpisodeIX #KyloRen

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) December 6, 2017

From the Porgs’ origin to why J.J. Abrams is returning to the saga, here are 14 things we learned about #TheLastJedi from the cast

— Rolling Stone (@RollingStone) December 6, 2017

Just in: Rey’s Chinese character poster. #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— WizardWho (@WizardWho) December 6, 2017

Here’s a new Chinese character poster of Kylo Ren. (the text: Justice dies, could he succeed to the fate for darkness)#StarWars #TheLastJedi

— WizardWho (@WizardWho) December 7, 2017

Poe & Finn in #theLastJedi Chinese posters!

— WizardWho (@WizardWho) December 8, 2017

New poster of BB-8! Text says: the cutest driod across the galaxy. #TheLastJedi #StarWars

— WizardWho (@WizardWho) December 8, 2017

Class is in session on the set of #TheLastJedi. Droid School, with @ADaniels3PO. Get tickets now:

— Star Wars (@starwars) December 6, 2017

Nothing ever goes unused in Star Wars design

— Indiana Jedi (@IndianaJedi) December 6, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi features an alien inspired by Carrie Fisher’s dog

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) December 6, 2017

First 13 Minutes Of ‘The Last Jedi’ Screened At Tokyo Press Event – #StarWars #TheLastJedi

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) December 6, 2017

We sit down with the cast of Star Wars: #TheLastJedi and director @RianJohnson, head to @ADaniels3PO‘s Droid School, reveal first details on a new AR experience, and more, in The #StarWarsShow​, with @Walmart​. #ad

— Star Wars (@starwars) December 6, 2017

This reaction from @rianjohnson receiving a vintage AT-AT figure he’s always wanted from the #StarWarsShow – priceless!

— Star Wars Explained (@StarWarsExplain) December 6, 2017

This porg soup is delicious…..

— John Boyega (@JohnBoyega) December 6, 2017

Space Gary confirmed for #TheLastJedi.

— Dunc T’racen (@clubjade) December 7, 2017

Porgs are friends not food. @JohnBoyega @HamillHimself It’s also imporgtant to acknowledge the people that worked into the wee hours to make our porglets possible #MariaCork. #NealScanlan and his stellar team.

— Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) December 7, 2017

Han Solo News and Rumors

Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of #Solo: A Star Wars Story Shown At Russian Press Event – #StarWars

— SWNN (@StarWarsNewsNet) December 2, 2017

New Hot Wheels Battle Rollers Listing for Solo | #hotwheels #battlerollers #mattel #SoloAStarWarsStory

— Yakface (@yak_face) December 4, 2017

Solo movie shirts will be at Galactic Nights on the 16th then other Disney Parks locations Dec 17 through May 25, 2018. On behalf of Force for Change, 25% of the retail sale price of this product will be donated to UNICEF USA. #geekfashion

— Kay of Jakku (@Geek_Kay) December 7, 2017

Around the Web

George Lucas’ Short ‘Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138’ To Digitally Premiere On Dust

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) December 4, 2017

A family reveals a “beautiful experience” of Mark Hamill visiting a terminally ill boy as Luke Skywalker

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) December 5, 2017

Video Games

Star Wars Battlefront 2 The Last Jedi Season

Rey’s Hero’s Journey is coming soon to #StarWarsGalaxyofHeroes, and she will need the help of some unlikely allies to face the challenges ahead.

Find out which characters you’ll need to unlock the newest version of Rey:

— EAStarWars (@EAStarWars) December 6, 2017


Writers @Bnacker and @BenBlacker expand the history of the planet Crait from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”:

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) December 1, 2017

Issue 41 of the ongoing #StarWars comic from #Marvel will feature bounty hunter #Zuckuss on artist @johntylerchris variant cover.

Thanks to our friends at @theHallofComics for the heads up! -M-

— CollectorsCantina (@CollectCantina) December 1, 2017


New in 2018, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique aboard the Disney Fantasy will offer out-of-this-galaxy makeovers that add to the adventures of Star Wars Day at Sea:

— Disney Parks (@DisneyParks) December 4, 2017

New #StarWars virtual museum with never before seen production art is opening soon:

— Nerdist (@nerdist) December 7, 2017


Tokyo Comic-Con Reveals New Figures from Bandai | #tokyocomiccon #bandai #shfiguarts #movierealization

— Yakface (@yak_face) December 1, 2017

New Hot Toys Figures Revealed at Tokyo Comic-Con | #hottoys #TokyoComicCon #thelastjedi

— Yakface (@yak_face) December 1, 2017

The collectable #StarWarsNote celebrating the release of #TheLastJedi has been revealed! Made in collaboration with @DeLaRuePlc and @GREATBritain, the limited edition note is coming soon to @eBay_UK, with all proceeds going to @Tog4ShortLives.

— Star Wars UK (@StarWarsUK) December 4, 2017

Columbia Sportswear Announces New ‘Star Wars’ Echo Base Collection – #StarWars @Columbia1938

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) December 4, 2017

@yak_face Mac N cheese – #r2d2

— Joseph B. Ortiz (@1JosephBOrtiz) December 5, 2017

New @HerUniverse Star Wars fashions are coming to @shopDisney and Disney Store.

— Star Wars (@starwars) December 5, 2017

Nixon Reveals The Sentry Praetorian Guard Watch | #thelastjedi #starwarsxnixon #nixonsentry #starwarsfashion

— Yakface (@yak_face) December 6, 2017

Weta Workshop Announces New ‘Star Wars’ Costume Line – #StarWars @WetaWorkshop

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) December 7, 2017

Columbia Sportswear ‘Star Wars’ Echo Base Collection Window Display – #StarWars @Columbia1938 #HappyHunting

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) December 7, 2017