‘The Sapphires’ Trailer is Here


The Sapphires trailer
Deborah Mailman and Chris O’Dowd in The Sapphires
Photo: The Weinstein Co.

A second trailer has arrived this morning for a film I saw at Cannes, this one the Australian drama/comedy with musical elements The Sapphires starring Chris O’Dowd alongside Deborah Mailman, Miranda Tapsell, Jessica Mauboy and Shari Sebbens, the latter four making up the titular singing group the story focuses on.

The film was inspired by a true story and follows the young Australian Aboriginal girls as they form the all girl group The Sapphires and entertain the U.S. troops in Vietnam in 1968. As their manager, Dave (O’Dowd) books the sisters their first true gig giving them their first taste of stardom, and travels them to Vietnam to sing for the American troops.

O’Dowd is the stand-out of the bunch with the four girls serving as enjoyable compliments to the story, which does run a bit afoul near the end, but is overall a generally good movie. You can read my full review from Cannes right here.

The Sapphires hits theaters on March 22, check out the trailer below.

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