Watch: Trailer for Brian De Palma’s ‘Passion’


Rachel McAdams in Passion

Rachel McAdams in Passion

One of the films I can’t wait to see at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival is Brian De Palma‘s Passion starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. The film is a remake of Alain Corneau’s Love Crime in which a mentor uses her underling for professional gain and the aftermath of a budding jealousy.

It’s been described as a Dangerous Liasons meets Working Girl, but Corneau’s film, which I explored here, is so filled with mood and atmosphere any kind of comparison to previous works is simply meant as an “in” rather than an actual dissection.

However, De Palma’s film will certainly be up for comparison and I’m not sure how many other directors could actually get me interested in seeing a remake of such a recently released film. Perhaps Roman Polanski and David Fincher would get me equally enthused, but more often than not a remake of a good foreign film is often unnecessary and I hope this one doesn’t go on to prove the point.

That said, the first trailer for the picture has arrived in advance of its upcoming festival premiere. It will first play in Venice before landing in Toronto and you can get a look at it with the 60-second teaser directly below. The film is still looking for distribution… will it find it in Venice or Toronto?