New International Trailer for ‘Dark Shadows’


Dark Shadows international trailer

Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows
Photo: Warner Bros.

As down as I was on Dark Shadows when Warner Bros. appeared to be holding back on the marketing I have really started to come around based on the few snippets I’ve seen. Also, a quote from someone that has seen most of it that was posted at Hollywood Elsewhere gives me even more confidence when he says:

“[It’s] funny, but also has full-bodied horror elements. Barnabas [Johnny Depp] does kill people in this [and] there’s more of the Burton Sweeney Todd than the trailer implies. This is not Burton’s Addams Family, but a successful amalgamation of his comedic and gothic horror styles.”

The film hits theaters on May 11 and it’s already on the screening schedule here in Seattle so I’m hoping my hunch is correct and this turns out to be a bit of a surprise rather than a let down, which is what I originally expected.

Now, here’s that new international trailer I promised straight from the UK.