Trailer for Stoner Comedy ‘High School’


High School movie trailer

Adrien Brody in High School
Photo: Anchor Bay Films

It’s interesting to look back at the first time I mentioned High School on this site. It was back in January 2010 and it was in an article discussing the hot films coming out of Sundance. In that article I mentioned Splice, The Kids are All Right, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Blue Valentine, The Killer Inside Me, Catfish, Buried and, last but not least, High School. So, yeah, it was amongst some pretty impressive company, but while people seemed to love it, it hasn’t found a release date until now.

Anchor Bay Films will release High School on June 1 and they have just sent over the first domestic trailer for the film which begins as a random drug test coincides with a high school valedictorian’s first hit of pot. With his college scholarship at stake, he enlists the school’s biggest stoner to help nullify the results of the screening – by getting the entire student body high. Adrien Brody is the name front and center and he’s joined by Michael Chiklis, Colin Hanks, Mykelti Williamson, Matt Bush, Sean Marquette, Michael Vartan and Curtis Armstrong.

You can check out the trailer directly below and for some posters and images from the film click here.