Cannes 2010: Trailer, Poster and Pics from Amalric’s ‘Tournee (On Tour)’


Miranda Colclasure in Tournee

I just posted my review of Mathieu Amalric’s Tournee (On Tour), which was the first In Competition film I’ve seen at this years Cannes Film Festival and while I wavered between a “C+” and a “B-” I ultimately ended with the slightly more favorable grade as it’s a film I would gladly watch again for further evaluation.

On top of seeing the movie I have also received several additional images from the film as well as the not safe for work international trailer. While the film is a French film, it is in both English and French so the trailer isn’t a total loss for the English-only speaking readers, but let me give you the synopsis, which should help a bit in deciphering the trailer where the language hangs you up:

Joachim (Amalric), a former Parisian television producer had left everything behind to start a new life in America. He comes back with a team of New Burlesque strip-tease performers whom Joachim has fed fantasies of a tour of France, of Paris! But their dream of this tour culminating in a last grand show in Paris goes up in smoke when Joachim is betrayed by an old friend and loses the theatre.

You can browse the 13 new images right here and check out the trailer directly below. Also, remember to give my review a read.