Come Watch the Fantastic Trailer Debut for ‘The Wrestler’


Photo: Fox Searchlight

I said it right after seeing The Wrestler on Tuesday and I stick by it, “Mickey Rourke is definitely the front runner for Best Actor at this moment.” To follow that up we now have the official trailer for the film as it just arrived online over at Apple.

The film tells the story of Randy “The Ram” Robinson (Rourke) as we first meet him as a washed-up, one-time professional wrestling superstar. He is now living in a trailer park, working nights in the shipping department at a local grocery store and wrestling at community centers on the weekends. His daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) hates him and his only “real” relationship is with a local stripper played by Marisa Tomei. You follow Randy as he attempts to dig himself out of the hole he finds himself in and you cheer for him the entire way. The film truly is fantastic and if it wasn’t for one small flaw (that I will keep to myself for sake of not ruining the story) I think it would be an easy Best Picture contender.

Check out the trailer below and make up your own mind, or watch it right here in high-definition. The Wrestler hits theaters on December 17, click here for more information.