A New ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ Trailer is Here


Apologies for being a little late on getting this trailer online, but I had all focus on the Presidential Debate and the reactions, but here it is, the latest trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, but I would like for you to deviate from the continuing stream of adjectives everyone else seems to be continuously using in describing the look of the film and weigh in on how you think it will be. Basically, are you concerned over the rumors the film is too long, too boring and just “mediocre” which is a word used after 20 minutes were screened at Telluride? Or, are you pushing all that aside (as I am) and have faith David Fincher will bring us yet another good film and you aren’t going to deviate from that faith until after you have seen it?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Check it out below.