‘Godfather’ Collection Restoration Trailer and Featurette


Not too long ago I revisited my Godfather DVD collection, which was release oh so many years ago. After all my Blu-ray and HD DVD watching I was shocked to see how bad these transfers actually looked in comparison. I then started wondering what releases were going to get people to really start looking at Blu-ray and high-definition videos as worth the buy.

It wasn’t The Matrix when it was released on HD DVD. 300 sold well, but that was primarily due to PS3 owners since that was the target market. Truth is, there hasn’t been a major high-def release yet. Paramount’s new Coppola Restoration of the Godfather trilogy on September 23 on Blu-ray and DVD really is the first major addition to the high-def forum. Will it convert more to Blu-ray? We’ll have to wait and see, but for now how about you take a look at the trailer and a featurette for the set and get all warm and fuzzy inside.