Dracula Untold Sinks Its Teeth Into Official Trailer Release


Dracula Untold is coming October 17th from Universal, the studio that made an indelible mark on the famous monster scene, and today, the film sees its trailer getting an official release.

This preview is actually pretty cool for what is essentially a Dracula origin story (let’s set aside historical accuracy, shall we?). Luke Evans plays Vlad, a man who strikes a dark bargain to save his people and his family… and gets some nifty supernatural powers in the process!

Gary Shore directs and, yes, the film is going to be PG-13.

Stay tuned tomorrow morning for a live Twitter Q&A with star @TheRealLukevans taking place at 8AM PT. Tweet your questions for the #DraculaUntold Twitter Q&A with Luke Evans using the hashtag #AskLukeEvans.