CS Video: Even Our Interviews for Neighbors are Feuding!


We’ve all at one point or another had (or been) the neighbors from hell, but in Seth Rogen’s new comedy, appropriately called Neighbors, whether or not he’s the bad neighbor in that scenario all comes down to your perspective.

Rogen plays Mac Radner, who is happily married to Rose Byrne’s Kelly (and how could anyone not be happy with her as their wife?) as they’re trying to raise their baby daughter in a nice suburban area when a rowdy frathouse led by Zac Efron’s Teddy and his buddy Pete (Dave Franco) moves in next door. Mac and Kelly are at a point in their life when they’re still trying to be young and have fun but having a baby makes it more difficult and puts them at odds with the noisy frat boys next door, as much as they want to join in with their partying.

ComingSoon.net previously spoke with director Nicholas Stoller and producer Evan Goldberg when the movie premiered as a “work in progress” at South by Southwest, but Rogen, Efron, Byrne and others from the cast came to New York City for a full-on press junket.

Now usually, we try to take our interviews pretty seriously and ask questions about the filmmaking process, etc, but in the case of Neighbors, the whole movie is based around the conflict between having fun while at the same time becoming mature and responsible adults and having the influence of absolutely childish mayhem going on right next door.

The cast was clearly having fun the day of the junket so it seemed like a good time to feed off that. After a couple straight-ahead questions about Seth’s on-screen chemistry with Rose Byrne–who is really able to keep up with him when it comes to the improv–we got into some of the below-the-belt humor from the guys at the frathouse.

The first video interview is a fairly typical Q ‘n’ A where we spoke with Zac, Seth, Rose and Nick Stoller about their roles in the film:

Since most people going to see Neighbors will be there for the R-rated below-the-belt mayhem, we had to get into some of that with Dave Franco, Efron, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jerrod Carmichael (a real scene stealer in the film), and as soon as we asked about the penis humor in the movie things quickly went downhill.

Neighbors opens nationwide on Thursday night, May 8.