Exclusive Clip: Backstage with The National in Mistaken for Strangers


Fans of the Brooklyn via Cincinatti rock band The National are used to their moody brand of angst rock, which has helped to generate a certain level of mystery that surrounds them. In the new movie Mistaken for Strangers, frontman Matt Berninger hires his younger brother Tom to help on their “High Violet” tour and Tom ends up bringing his camera to make a documentary about the band even though they don’t think too much of his filmmaking skills.

ComingSoon.net has been given an exclusive clip from the movie which gives you a good idea of what sort of mishaps and shenanigans Tom has while on tour that eventually gets him fired, even though he was able to finish the behind-the-scenes documentary.

ComingSoon.net also had a chance to talk with both Matt and Tom Berninger last year when the highly-META movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, an interview you can read here.

You can check out the clip in the video player below and check out Mistaken for Strangers when it opens in select cities and iTunes on Friday, March 28. You can find out more about where and how to see the movie on the official site.