CS Video Interviews: Kristen Bell and the Cast of Veronica Mars Return!


Veronica Mars is back!

And for the fans of the short-lived high school detective soap opera that ran for two and a half seasons on the UPN and its successor, the fledgling The CW, it’s been far too long since they last saw Kristen Bell in the role that first got her attention, so when creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to continue Veronica’s adventures in a feature film, they contributed over $5 million to make that movie happen.

A little over a year later and that movie is ready for the fans, jumping forward ten years with Veronica getting ready to start a new life as a lawyer in New York City when she’s called back to Neptune, California by the murder of a pop star with the prime suspect being former boyfriend Logan Ecchols (Jason Dohring). Forced to return to her hometown just as Neptune High is about to hold her class’ 10th Anniversary reunion, Veronica is caught up in another mystery from the past which may lead to answers that will get Logan off the suspect list.

Last week, Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, creator/writer/director Rob Thomas and some of the primary cast were brought down to Dallas, Texas where ComingSoon.net got to sit down with them to talk about the movie. Also on hand were Jason Dohring and Chris Lowell, who play Veronica’s love interests, Ryan Hansen as the popular comic relief Dick Casablanca, and Krysten Ritter who returns as Veronica’s classmate Gia Goodman.

In the video player below, you can watch Kristen talk about how she never lost hope about Veronica Mars coming back and how the fans (and even journalists’ questions about the show) kept her hope alive. Creator Rob Thomas talked about the evolution of bringing the characters back in a movie and upcoming books as well. Ryan Hansen and Krysten Ritter jump in to tell us how they first found out that there was going to be a movie and how it was for them to return to their characters, as do Chris Lowell and Jason Dohring. Thomas talks about the unconventional way they got the movie made and released and how important it was making a movie that non-fans could enjoy.

Veronica Mars opens in select cities as well as On Demand starting on Friday, March 14.