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Ben Affleck as Larry Gigli
Jennifer Lopez as Ricki
Justin Bartha as Brian
Al Pacino as Starkman
Terry Camilleri as Man in Dryer (as Terrence Camilleri)
David Backus as Laundry Customer
Lenny Venito as Louis
Robert Silver as Man in Debt
Luis Alberto Martínez as Adult Care Resident
Christopher Walken as Det. Stanley Jacobellis

Gigli starts by introducing us to the title character Larry Gigli (Pronounced Gilee, rhymes with really as said far too many times during the movie). Gigli is talking to a man he has stuffed into a laundromat dryer and that wih his foul language is supposed to tell us that he is a ruthless mob enforcer. The problem is he is played by Ben Affleck, and he looks and acts more like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever than he does Travolta in Pulp Fiction. And the bad characters just multiply from there.

In short order we are introduced to the rest of the cast. The stereotypical smarmy mob boss Louis, the mentally retarded and foul mouthed “target” Brian, and the lesbian “contractor” Ricki (Jennifer Lopez). Except for Luis who is a paper thin character, all of the rest of the cast are hard to believe. At least Brian has the excuse of mental difficulties, but not so the rest of them who are just poorly written.

Christopher Walken is wasted in a small role that is just bizarre and almost pointless. Al Pacino in his brief appearance, at least advances the story and provides motivation, but is ultimately bad due to the absurdity of what he allows to happen. By far the most believable character in the film is the person that has free reign to do anything due to his mental illness.

The film is not without it’s funny moments, although some of them were meant to be serious. The foul tongue of Brian is amusing but used a bit much. The developing relationship between Ricki and Larry has some outlandish monologues, but they are amusing. The music is appropriate and the video is a crisp and clean Hollywood production. There is minimal action and special effects. The film relies on characters that are just not strong enough to support it.

Who should see this movie? Die hard J-Lo and Ben Affleck fans. After that, you have to enjoy going to movies which you can laugh at afterwards. There is little action, a very hard to believe love story, and an even harder to believe crime. The one good thing about the movie is that when it comes out on video J-Lo will have something to trade to Mariah Carrey for a copy of Glitter.