Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Review


Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones
Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver
Colin Firth as Mark Darcy
Jacinda Barrett as Rebecca
Gemma Jones as Mum
Jim Broadbent as Dad
Donald Douglas as Admiral Darcy
Shirley Dixon as Mrs. Darcy
Shirley Henderson as Jude
Sally Phillips as Shazzer
Celia Imrie as Una Alconbury
Dominic McHale as Bernard
Neil Pearson as Richard Finch

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is a weak sequel that replaces character development and wit with a barrage of preposterous situations all designed to make Bridget (Renée Zellweger) look ridiculous. It is very often amusing, but never more than that.


Bridget has settled down to warm and comfortable relationship with the man of her dreams – Mark Darcy (Coin Firth). Naturally, through a concoction of mistaken intents and Bridget’s own tremendous self-doubt, she dumps him and proceeds through a series of increasingly bizarre circumstances (ending in a stint in a Thai jail) before she realizes just how good she had it and what she’d done to mess it up.

Zellweger is still charming and funny as Bridget, trying desperately to maintain a sense of poise and dignity, no matter how undignified a situation she finds herself in. Unfortunately, every other character is also the same as well. Hugh Grant is still a charming rogue, Colin Firth is still the remote and inscrutable perfect man. Everyone is still as they were at the end of the first movie and (except for Bridget-who realizes that she is, more often than not, the cause of her own troubles) they’re still the same way at the end of Edge of Reason as well.

The witty Richard Curtis banter that carried the first Bridget Jones so well is mostly gone, replaced by slapstick and comedy-of-errors type misconceptions, which are funny, but easily forgotten.

By itself, Edge of Reason is a decent but entirely forgettable comedy that could have been more, if it hadn’t decided to play things safe.