After the Sunset


Pierce Brosnan as Max Burdett
Salma Hayek as Lola Cirillo
Woody Harrelson as Stan Lloyd
Don Cheadle as Kingpin
Naomie Harris as Sophie
Chris Penn
Mykelti Williamson
Obba Babatundé as Police Chief

After the Sunset is a jewel heist buddy movie romantic comedy. Usually such a mixture of elements spells doom for a movie, but director Brett Ratner is able to pull it all together here.

Master thief Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) retires with his partner in crime and lover Lola (Salma Hayek) after their last big score. Max’s problem is that he is not ready to settle down, but Lola does a very good job of distracting him. FBI agent Stan Lloyd (Woody Harrelson) has been burned by Max’s last two heists, and he goes to paradise to protect the last, and only, of the Napoleon diamonds that Max has not stolen. The lure of the diamond, with the additional bonus of taking it right from under Stan’s nose again, tempts Max almost as much as Lola does.

From there, we get good romantic interplay between Max and Lola as well as some truly funny scenes between Max and Stan. Throw in Don Cheadle as the island paradise’s main gangster and Naomie Harris as a clean cop love interest for Stan and you have an entertaining movie.

A certain amount of suspension of disbelief is required as some of the set-ups just do not stand up to critical analysis. That is acceptable because this is not an intellectual and gritty true crime story – it is a light hearted and fun comedy wrapped around a diamond heist.

The technical aspects of the movie are all solid mainstream Hollywood. Special effects are seamless. The cinematography is spectacular at times, though it is hard to make the Bahamas look bad. With a lot of Caribbean influence, the soundtrack keeps the pace but does not interfere with the flow of the film.

Who should see this movie? People that have missed Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson on screen will love seeing the way they interact here. Salma Hayek is as sexy and seductive as ever; her fans will just be wishing for a stronger rating than the film’s PG-13. The love story gets a bit over the top at the end, but it is forgivable and if that is what you enjoy in a movie, it gives a good payoff. The humor is solid throughout. Very few lines fall flat, and there are some true laugh out loud moments.. The action is also pretty good if a little subdued. While it shouldn’t be the main reason to see the movie, it is a nice addition. If you are looking for a movie that will make you think for days later, then you need to look for something else since the movie’s impact lasts about as long as a sunset itself. Overall, it is a fun fluff of a movie. Do not go in expecting to engage your mind, and you should come out having enjoyed the time spent in the theater.