Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle


John Cho as Harold
Kal Penn as Kumar
Malin Akerman as Lianne
Anthony Anderson as Burger Shack Employee
Boyd Banks as Gun Shot Victim
Steve Braun as Cole
Brooke D’Orsay as Clarissa
Ethan Embry as Billy
Paula Garc├ęs as Maria
Neil Patrick Harris as Neil Patrick Harris
Jon Hurwitz as Tony
Sandy Jobin-Bevans as Officer Palumbo
Kate Kelton as Christy
Jamie Kennedy as Creepy Guy
David Krumholtz as Goldstein
Bobby Lee as Kenneth Park
Christopher Meloni as Freakshow
Ryan Reynolds as Male Nurse
Hayden Schlossberg as Hayden
Siu Ta as Cindy Kim
Eddie Kaye Thomas as Rosenberg
Robert Tinkler as J.D.
Fred Willard as Dr. Woodruff
Gary Anthony Williams as Tarik

Harold and Kumar are on a quest – a quest to satisfy their desire for the perfect munchie food. Harold (John Cho) is a young Asian investment banker who is given extra work because his coworkers think he will just suck it up as a quiet Asian. Kumar (Kal Penn) is a top of the class pre-med student who desperately does not want to follow in the footsteps of his father, a stereotypical Indian doctor. They find themselves back at their apartment early on a Friday night and proceed to smoke enough pot to start their quest in motion.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle is a “stoner movie”, the duo are a throwback to classic stoner duos like the overt Cheech and Chong or the covert Bill and Ted. Not all of the humor revolves around drug use, but it is central to the plot and could offend some people. The good thing is that most of the jokes in the film work. The chemistry between Harold and Kumar is terrific, making the crazy journey that they go on even more enjoyable.

The supporting cast of characters is also terrific. While the movie centers around the quest to get the dream munchie food, it also spends a lot of time breaking racial stereotypes in funny ways. Harold and Kumar are both average post-collegiate American boys, and they are confronted by not only the expectations of others but their own stereotypes about themselves. Throw in a sex crazed Neil Patrick Harris (as Neil Patrick Harris), a cheetah, some obnoxious extreme sports thugs, a bible thumping car mechanic circus freak with his sexy and willing wife, the unobtainable girl next door, and many other characters that float through and you have the fuel to drive their quest.

Technically the movie is ok. Some of the effects look a bit off, but not enough to detract from the comedy on screen. The cinematography overall is pretty good. The soundtrack is fun and adds a couple of jokes as well.

Who should see this movie? If you are looking to laugh and are not shy about drug humor, this movie is for you. Many of the situations that Harold and Kumar get into are laugh out loud funny and they deliver them well. There is a nice little romantic subplot, but not enough for anyone looking for a love story. There is some action, but most of it is comedic and might not satisfy people in need of explosions. If you are looking to engage your mind, you will have to look someplace else. While not as epic as taking the one ring of power across a world to throw it into the mountain of doom, it is still very satisfying watching Harold and Kumar drive across New Jersey in search of the perfect burger.