The Bourne Supremacy


Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
Franka Potente as Marie
Brian Cox as Ward Abbott
Julia Stiles as Nicky
Karl Urban as Kirill
Gabriel Mann as Danny Zorn
Joan Allen as Pamela Landy
Marton Csokas as Jarda
Tom Gallop as Tom Cronin
John Bedford Lloyd as Teddy
Ethan Sandler as Kurt
Michelle Monaghan as Kim
Karel Roden as Gretkov
Tomas Arana as Martin Marshall
Oksana Akinshina as Irena Neski

Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne in the sequel to The Bourne Identity. Even though two years have gone by, Bourne is still not sure of who he is and what he has done in his former life. Instead of actively tracking his past down, he has been hiding in India with Maria (Franka Potente) his lover and confidante from the last movie.

Unfortunately for Bourne, CIA agent Pamela Landy (Joan Allen) has a mission go very badly. Evidence left at the scene points to Bourne as the reason bodies were left behind. Bourne is tracked down and forced to flee India. Once again, he must confront his past in order to remain alive – much less a free man.

The plot is a solid one. There are several twists and, although the final villains are known early in the film, it keeps you guessing as to how the end will play out. Helping the plot is a strong cast that gives great performances.

The score by John Powell is immersive and helps drive the movie without walking all over it. The special effects and stunts are on par with Hollywood blockbusters and look great. The editing, though, uses quick hyperkinetic cuts and often makes the action seem very disjointed. In one particular car chase the cuts jump back and forth between the actors inside the vehicles so frequently that it becomes very hard to tell what is going on. This quick cut style has been around for a few years and, in moderation, can be good. It is overused here, as well as being used inappropriately.

Who should see this movie? Matt Damon fans will be happy to see him as a competent action hero. The film revolves around him and he carries it very well. The action is great and should please action fans, even with the quick cuts. People looking for a romance or a comedy need to look someplace else. If you want to use your brain, there is a good plot and a decent mystery that should keep your attention. Overall, it is a fun thriller that should please most people.