Corky Romano


Chris Kattan as Corky Romano
Vinessa Shaw as Agent Kate Russo
Peter Falk as Francis A. “Pops” Romano
Peter Berg as Paulie Romano
Chris Penn as Peter Romano
Fred Ward as Leo Corrigan
Richard Roundtree as Howard Shuster
Matthew Glave as Agent Brick Davis
Roger Fan as Agent Bob Cox
Dave Sheridan as Agent Terrence Darnell

Corky Romano is stupid, but fun at the same time.

Corky Romano is a rather effeminate veterinary assistant. He loves animals, but he’s not exactly the most bright or coordinated person in the world. He’s also the black sheep in a family of mobsters. One day they ask him for help. Their father is about to be convicted and sent to life in prison based on the evidence of an unknown informant. The family wants him to sneak into the FBI undercover and steal the evidence. Corky agrees and they set up a new identity for him.

When Corky arrives at the FBI, it turns out his credentials are those of a super agent. The FBI instantly sweeps him up and puts him in the field. Through a series of accidents (and with help from his mob brothers), Corky solves several crimes and becomes a hero at the FBI. He also falls in love with Agent Russo. But how can he help the FBI and stay loyal to his family at the same time?

Rated PG-13 for drug and sex-related humor, and for language.

What Worked:
Corky Romano is just dumb fun. It’s the kind of movies critics will bash as being moronic and audiences will laugh at for just being stupid. It’s in the same genre as The Waterboy and Zoolander.

Chris Kattan plays Corky Romano. Kattan juggles his performance between being annoying, being funny, and playing it over the top. He strays in every direction, but he generally maintains a good balance between it all. Like Jim Carrey, he can switch between being serious and doing fart jokes all in the same role.

Corky has some funny moments as he bumbles around as an FBI agent. There’s a hilarious scene as he tries to infiltrate a group of skinheads by wearing a Britney Spears tank top, a fanny pack with a pink swastika, and a bald cap. Then there’s a moment when he is called in undercover to translate between Vietnamese and Chinese drug lords. The result, again, is hilarious. A little animal humor is also thrown in when he plays the veterinarian. I really cracked up at an extremely obese (and grumpy) cat and his owner. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it was one of the funnier moments of the film to me.

Overall, Corky Romano was just some dumb fun and a good break from both reality and all the serious films now in theaters.

What Didn’t Work:
Corky Romano had the same weaknesses as every other comedy like it. There’s the obligatory “serious moment”. There’s the inevitable sex and bodily humor. There’s the typical additional characters who are there only to make the star look good. These are the moments in the film where it gets tedious.

Peter Falk was also awful as Corky’s father. He had only one good line in the film, and that was towards the end. The rest of the time his eyes went two different directions and he gurgled out dialogue. I think that role could have been better.

There was also a moment where Corky accidentally gets high on cocaine. I’ll admit, I laughed at the following antics, but it seems kind of bad to me to use drug use for humor.