The Prince & Me


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Julia Stiles as Paige Morgan
Luke Mably as Prince Edvard ‘Eddie’ Valdemar Dangaard
Ben Miller as Soren
James Fox as King Haraald
Miranda Richardson as Queen Rosalind
Eliza Bennett as Princess Arabella
Alberta Watson as Amy Morgan
John Bourgeois as Ben Morgan

According to young Prince Edvard (Luke Mably), it is hard being the next in line of the longest standing monarchy in the world. The constant attention of beautiful women and the paparazzi almost force him to do things that get him on the front pages of the tabloids. After watching a commercial for “Girls Gone Wild: Midwest” he decides that losing himself in the heartland of America for a little while is his best course of action.

At his destination in Wisconson, Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles) is his complete opposite. She is a pre-med student that wants to work for Doctors Without Borders, as long as she can get into the right med school. Through a series of rather unbelievable circumstances Prince Edvard, Eddie, ends up spending a lot of time with Paige, who finds him crass and immature.

The relationship between Paige and Eddie is a fairy tale one, but with a slight twist. Paige never wanted a fairy tale relationship and her struggle between being true to herself and falling for the handsome prince is a nice complication that has not been addressed much.

The dialog is well written and the scenery, in Canada and Prague (stand-ins for Wisconson and Copenhagen), is spectacular. The music is contemporary and flows well with the storyline. Romance is the key here and Julia Stiles and Luke Mably have a great chemistry together, which turns a rather standard story into something a little more special. Julia Stiles is just a pleasure to watch on screen. She has a style and poise that comes across wonderfully on film and she shines here.

Who should see this movie? Anyone looking for a good romance. It has a pretty solid, if a bit unbelievable, plot. There is humor, some heartbreak, and a storybook romance. For people that need action there are a couple race scenes that should tide you over until you can get your date to go to an action movie. There is not much under the surface, so if you are looking for a movie with a deep inner meaning you need to go elsewhere. Overall, The Prince & Me is a great date movie if there is a romantic in the relationship, a little of something for everyone with a strong, but funny, romantic theme.