Bubble Boy


Jake Gyllenhaal as Jimmy Livingston
Marley Shelton as Chloe
Swoosie Kurtz as Mrs. Livingston
Danny Trejo as Chapa
Dave Sheridan
John Carroll Lynch
Arden Myrin
Geoffrey Arend as Flipper Boy
Patrick Cranshaw as Pippy + Pappy
Brian Gattas as Todd

Don’t go see it and don’t rent it.

Jimmy Livingston was born without immunities. His whole life is lived inside a “bubble” that provides a completely sterile environment. Living at home, he is not exposed to many of the events in the world but he is exposed to love. Chloe is literally the girl next door and her friendship with Jimmy has made quite an impression on the “bubble boy”. But their love seems destined to fail because Jimmy can’t touch or feel or be close to Chloe. Is it any wonder that Chloe has found another? The problem is that Chloe’s other is not the right man. In realizing this Jimmy builds a bubble suit and sets out to stop the woman he loves from marrying the wrong guy. What follows is a trip across America and the “bubble boys” introduction to the world.

Bubble Boy is rated PG-13 for language and crude sexual humor.

What Worked:
Jimmy had a pet guinea pig in a bubble. It was cute.

What Didn’t Work:
I’m not sure what Touchstone was thinking, but this one was a serious lapse in judgment.

I think the premise is “If you insult everyone, then no one can be offended”. But the premise is wrong. This film sets out to make fun of everyone but the result is offensive to those who watch it. While sitting in the theater you could almost call the groups who left. Jews, Christians, Hindus, kids with chronic health problems, the Chinese, the mentally impaired, those with physical handicaps, people who suffer a physical deformity, women, religious people in general and the elderly were all targets for humor. Don’t worry…if you feel left out I’m sure I just missed the insult aimed at your particular group. This movie is redefines “low brow humor” by assaulting the audience with one stereotype after another. It’s listed as a comedy but I don’t believe it. The jokes seem aimed to hurt not entertain.

I was a little reluctant about this one because of the real life boy in the bubble, Tod Lubitch. His mother has been protesting the release but I thought, “How bad can it be? A parody intended to be harmful.” But while sitting there I realized that Mrs. Lubitch has nothing to worry about. The jokes aimed at sick kids are only a part of a movie which degrades everyone who might be different from the writers view of the norm. I won’t be surprised if the news reports a lot of groups protesting this one. Any one who feels at all “religious” will be shocked. Hindus are portrayed as outrageously stupid with little common sense and having an acute fear of their own religion. Jews are described as money hungry kidnappers. Christians are shown to be a group of hypocritical, white supremacists who swear, drink, and long for a different lifestyle. All patently false descriptions of people of faith.

Don’t go see it and don’t rent it. I’d rather sit through “The Animal” again or go see Tom Green in a live show.