Austin Powers in Goldmember


Mike Myers as Austin Powers/Dr. Evil/Fat Bastard/Goldmember
Beyoncé Knowles as Foxxy Cleopatra
Michael York as Basil Exposition
Michael Caine as Nigel Powers
Seth Green as Scott Evil
Robert Wagner as Number Two
Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissina
Verne Troyer as Mini-Me/Mini-Austin
Fred Savage as Number Three

If you liked the previous Austin Powers movies, then you’ll love this sequel.

What’s It About:
Austin Powers returns in the latest sequel, “Goldmember”. Dr. Evil continues to try to take over the world, this time with a new diabolical plan. He plans to use a “tractor beam” (note the quotes) to crash a large meteor into the Earth unless he is paid a billion gazillion meelion dollars. To accomplish this, he needs the help of a Dutch disco swinger with a gold fetish from the 70’s by the name of Goldmember. However, they must first get their archenemy Austin Powers out of the way.

To do this, they kidnap Austin’s estranged father Nigel and take him into the past. Austin pursues to rescue him from Goldmember in the 70’s. There, he gets the help of an old flame, Foxxy Cleopatra. The two team up to foil Dr. Evil’s plan by traveling across time, going into Japan, and facing off with Austin’s old nemesis Fat Bastard.

“Austin Powers in Goldmember” is rated PG-13 for sexual innuendo, crude humor and language.

What Worked:
If you liked the original Austin Powers films, then you’ll enjoy this one. It’s more of the same jokes rehashed again (and fortunately they are still funny). There’s more of the banter between Dr. Evil and Scott Evil, jokes about Mini-Me, visual gags with shadows, sexual innuendo, etc etc etc. If you enjoyed it before, you’ll enjoy it again.

There are a few new twists, though. One of the biggest highlights is the opening 10 minutes. I won’t spoil it all here, but it features some hilarious cameos that will have audiences absolutely rolling. The opening is worth the price of admission alone. Other highlights include a prison musical number featuring Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, a meeting with a Japanese man by the name of Mr. Roboto (too easy) involving some misread subtitles, and a humorous plan to infiltrate Dr. Evil’s new secret lair.

BeyoncĂ© Knowles really stands out as Foxxy Cleopatra. Amazingly, she’s able to hold her own against Mike Meyers as Austin Powers. She’s funny, sexy, and energetic. She also has a great opening scene singing Goldmember’s theme song. Expect to see a lot more of her at the movies. Michael Caine also stands out as Nigel Powers. He falls into the role so naturally that it’s scary. I guess that makes sense because Meyers based Powers partially on some of Caine’s old movies.

Overall this is a fun movie and a great way to wrap up the summer.

What Didn’t Work:
The new character Goldmember didn’t go over so well. As much as I like to make fun of the Dutch (sorry, Mirko!), this new character just wasn’t that funny. The accent didn’t even really sound Dutch and his habit of eating his peeling skin was just plain nauseating. I have no idea where Meyers came up with that concept, but it was more disgusting than funny. And considering that the movie is named after Goldmember, he’s really not in it as much as you’d expect. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Many of the jokes in this film are hit and miss. They are so frequent, though, that as soon as one bombs, you have another laugh that immediately follows it. Memorable duds include a cameo by Britney Spears as a fembot, Scott Evil maniacally laughing, a cameo by Quincy Jones, and any time Austin tries to be serious. Fortunately, it is hit more often than miss, though.