Out of Time


Denzel Washington as Matt Lee Whitlock
Sanaa Lathan as Anne Merai Harrison
Dean Cain as Chris Harrison
Eva Mendes as Alex Diaz-Whitlock
Alex Carter as Dr. Cabbot
Robert Baker as Tony Dalten
John Billingsley as Chae

One of the good things about living in a small town is that everyone knows you; that is also one of the bad things about living in a small town.

Matt Witlock (Denzel Washington) is police chief of the small town of Banyan Key, Florida. Even though he takes a few liberties, visiting friends and light drinking while on the job, he is good at what he does.

At first, “Out of Time” has a feel of a sultry romance, but the plot gets darker and Witlock finds himself the prime suspect in a terrible crime and must stay one step ahead of the rest of the police officers in order to clear his name.

Denzel Washington is great as Witlock. He is a very likeable man that does some stupid, but believable, things. The course of events that leads him into the trouble that he is in is very plausable. The rest of the cast do a very good job. Sanaa Lathan and Eva Mendes both look exceptional and have a good chemistry with Washingon. John Billinsley gives a very strong performance as Dr. Cabbot, the county coroner and Witlock’s best friend. He adds a lot of subtle humor to the movie and prevents it from becoming too dark.

The pacing is quick and the story progresses non-stop. Some of the action is just Washington shuffling paperwork before the rest of the police officers can look at it, but those scenes add a level of suspense that a 5 minute car chase could never do. There are several twists to the story once the crime has been discovered and the outcome is not clear until the climax.

I was a little disappointed in the climax. I do not think the motive was adequately expressed, but it is not a complete shocker that has no relevance to the rest of the film.

Who should see this movie? Fans of Denzel Washington will be happy with his performance. He is charming and charismatic. People looking for a thriller with a good plot will also be happy with the movie. The action is mostly interpersonal – not much gun play or any car chases, but the movie builds tension and should keep the action fans in their seats next to their dates. There are several comedic moments but if you are looking for humor you should go someplace else. This is a well crafted story that is solidly acted. Worth the price of admission.