Cold Creek Manor


Dennis Quaid as Cooper Tilson
Sharon Stone as Leah Tilson
Stephen Dorff as Dale Massie
Juliette Lewis as Ruby
Kristen Stewart as Kristen Tilson
Ryan Wilson as Jesse Tilson
Dana Eskelson as Sheriff Ferguson
Christopher Plummer as Mr. Massie
Simon Reynolds as Ray Pinsky
Kathleen Duborg as Ellen Pinski
Paula Brancati as Stephanie Pinski
Aidan Devine as Skip Linton
Wayne Robson as Stan Holland
Jordan Pettle as Declan
Ray Paisley as Dink

Clich├ęd and predictable, it’s more like “Bore Creek Manor”.

Cooper and Leah Tilson are tired of city life and decide to move with the kids into a repossessed mansion called Cold Creek Manor. The house is in poor shape, but Cooper and Leah are up to the task of renovating. Their new life is going well until Dale Massie, who used to live in the house, returns to claim what he believes is his.

This supposed suspense thriller is a waste of talent, the studio’s money and moviegoers money as well. Playing more like a TV movie of the week, not much is offered here. Touchstone has done a wonderful job of marketing the movie, however, with trailers and TV spots that make this look like an edge-of-your-seat kinda thriller. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

Let’s start with what “Cold Creek Manor” is missing. If you thought there were any supernatural elements to the movie (the trailer makes it seems so), there’s none. If you thought there were twists and suprises in the story, nope, nothing. When you think you’ll get an explanation as to why Dale Massie is wanting the house back and kill the current owners, you don’t.

Mike Figgis directed, composed the music for, and produced “Cold Creek Manor”. The talent he used to create such a masterpiece as “Leaving Las Vegas” is noticeably absent this time around. Perhaps it was the script he co-wrote with Richard Jefferies that made the film so uneventful. It takes a long time for anyhing really to get going. Regarding the music, the piano pieces that tried to evoke suspense were laughable at best.

The only points go to the acting, which in itself is not too bad. I’m actually surprised the cast signed onto this script. Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone are able to bring good chemistry to the screen and you’re able to care for them. Stephen Dorff does a good job with what he gets to play with, though you never really understand what’s going through his character’s head. Panic Room star Kristen Stewart stands out as probably the best of the bunch in the film. Juliette Lewis plays her usual self, while Christopher Plummer is unrecognizable as Mr. Massie.

I really wanted to like “Cold Creek Manor” because of the actors involved, but in the end it’s just another movie of the week.