Uptown Girls


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Brittany Murphy as Molly Gunn
Dakota Fanning as Lorraine ‘Ray’ Schleine
Marley Shelton as Ingrid
Donald Adeosun Faison as Huey
Heather Locklear as Roma Schleine
Jesse Spencer
Michael Urie as Pig Walker
Tony Devon as Limo Driver
Angelina Hong as Cashier
Pell James as Julie
Bill Kotsatos as Bar Patron

Brittany Murphy plays Molly Gunn, the free spirited party girl daughter of a deceased rock star legend whose 100 million dollar inheritance is stolen by her accountant. Molly and her pet pig are forced out on the street, desperate to find work any way she can. She ends up becoming the nanny to precocious 9-year old Ray (Fanning). (well desperate is not a word that describes Molly’s laziness)

What Worked:
I loved the women in this film. Brittany Murphy is great playing Molly, she has amazing chemistry with all the characters like her best friend Ingrid (the beautiful Marley Shelton), Ray, and especially her male friend Huey (Donald Adeosun Faison, Turk from Scrubs). Heather Locklear was ok, it’s a small role.

Dakota is just plain fantastic, not to mention adorable, even in her scenes where she is uptight and icy (which is 80 percent of the movie). You know even though she’s bratty, that she’s a child waiting to burst out. What a cute kid, not to mention an incredible actress. I expect more huge roles from Dakota, she is a ball of energy and a fantastic actress.

The fish out of water role reversal story worked well, predictable as it is. My favorite part was the end dance.

What Didn’t Work:
I didn’t like Jessie Spencer’s character that Molly falls head over heels for. I never believed he was this great up-and-coming singer.

There are times when Molly Gunn is flat out unlikable and almost psychotic. Not a strong point of the amazing Brittany Murphy. I need to like her.

As much as I liked the movie and the characters, the films seems to be put together by an amateur. That’s the best way I can describe it.

Bottom Line:
I liked the movie. Even though it is a comedy, I teared up at two scenes I was so moved. Brittany and Dakota’s likeability… excuse me… lovability play a huge factor in this movie working. Even if I am saying it is a so so comedy, I want to see it again because I love the characters.