Warner Bros. Brings Mike Hammer Back to the Screen


Mickey Spillane’s hardboiled detective Mike Hammer is headed back to the back to the big screen. Deadline reports that Film 360 and Thunder Road have teamed with the studio and are in the early stages of determining how best to approach a reboot of the literary character.

First appearing in “I, The Jury” in 1947, Hammer’s pulp adventures continue across more than a dozen novels written by Spillane prior to his death and to this day, in books authored by Max Allan Collins, based on Spillane’s notes.

Hammer’s exploits have also hit the big screen over the decades in films like My Gun is Quick, The Girl Hunters, Kiss Me Deadly and (adapted in both 1953 and 1982) I, The Jury.

Guymon Casady, Ben Forkner, Basil Iwanyk and Ken Levin will produce the new film with writers currently being courted to adapt a screenplay.