Johnny Depp Won’t Star in Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel


Earlier this year, Wes Anderson had the second-biggest hit of his career with Moonrise Kingdom, a coming-of-age comedy that had many people feeling the movie may be remembered during the upcoming awards season.

A couple of months after that, the elusive Anderson was ready to announce his next movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and a couple of sources reported that Johnny Depp would be starring in said movie.

Turns out that this won’t be the case.

While speaking with Mike Ryan of The Huffington Post earlier today, Anderson stated that Depp would not be starring in his next feature after all.

As he told them:

“You know, the Internet has a way of announcing things on its own [laughs]. You will find that even though I’m very aware of the cast that has been announced on its own devices, you’ll never find me saying who’s in the movie. Or, as far as I know, anybody else. I really don’t know where it all comes from. In fact, Johnny is somebody who I would love to work with at some point, but he’s not going to be in this movie. But I actually have not put the cast out — I have not announced the cast. We have quite a great cast.

Even though Anderson remains mum on his cast, we already know that Bill Murray is back for the movie from recent news reports out of the Toronto International Film Festival where Murray was promoting his upcoming Hyde Park on the Hudson. It’s also been reported that Angela Lansbury is going to play a role, her first teaming with Anderson.