VS Entertainment Takes James Ellroy’s Blood’s A Rover


Producer Vincent Sieber has, through his VS Entertainment, secured the rights to James Ellroy’s Blood’s A Rover and has plans for a big screen adaptation. Deadline has the story, saying that Sieber, along with Clark Peterson, will produce the adaptation of the novel, officially described as follows:

Martin Luther King assassinated. Robert Kennedy assassinated. Los Angeles, 1968. Conspiracies theories are taking hold. On the horizon looms the Democratic Convention in Chicago and constant gun fire peppers south L.A. Violence, greed, and grime, are replacing free-love and everybody from Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon and J. Edgar Hoover to the right-wing assassins and left-wing revolutionaries are getting dirty. At the center of it all is a triumvirate: the presidentÂ’s strong-arm goon, an ex-cop and heroine runner, and a private eye whose quarry is so dangerous she could set off the whole powder keg.

Ellroy, whose work has previously been adapted by likes of Curtis Hanson and Brian De Palma, will executive produce.