Britt Robertson Joins Starbuck


“The Secret Circle” star Britt Robertson has signed to join the cast of DreamWorks Pictures’ Starbuck, Deadline reports. She joins Vince Vaughn, Cobie Smulders and Chris Pratt in the remake of the 2011 Canadian comedy hit.

The original film was directed by Ken Scott and written by Scott and Martin Petit and starred Patrick Huard as David Wozniak, an adult slacker (Vaughn) who learns that, as a sperm donor with the alias “Starbuck,” he’s fathered over 500 children. When a large group of them petition the sperm bank to reveal his identity, David has to decide whether or not to come forward while, in his personal life, his own girlfriend (Smulders) makes a decision about whether or not he should be the father of their potential child.

Robertson will play Kristen, one of the teenage children of Vaughn’s character.

Scott will write and direct the English-language remake which is targeted to film later this year.

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