Greer on Moretz’s Performance in the Carrie Remake


How good is Chloe Moretz in the new Carrie remake? The jury’s still out until the film arrives in theaters early next year, however talk to any of her co-stars and there appears to be praise.

Judy Greer (“Californication”) spoke to E! about the film which is currently shooting in Toronto under the direction of Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry). The actress had plenty to say about Moretz’s turn as Carrie White…and the new prom sequence.

“Chloe’s performance – and this is literal – has brought me to tears on set. She’s made me cry because I find her performance to be incredibly moving. I’m feeling a lot of compassion for her,” the actress told the outlet. Greer plays Mrs. Desjardin in the film.

The pig’s blood-filled prom sequence has yet to be fimed, but Greer says they’ll be shooting that iconic moment in about a week. Based on concept pieces, she describes Peirce’s take on the scene as “kind of beautiful. It’s really totally jarring and creepy but also in a strange way gorgeous.”