Alfred Gough and Miles Millar to Rewrite The Machine


“Smallville” creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are set to rewrite The Machine, Deadline reports. The project was announced last year and will star Vin Diesel with a plot officially described as follows:

A human-like machine [was] created in secrecy by the Pentagon as the world’s first true ultimate weapon. Twenty years after the project was buried and decommissioned for reasons unknown, The Machine is discovered by a kid who befriends him. When the government learns it has been reactivated, the Machine must protect the family harboring him.

In addition to starring, Diesel will the produce the project, as he has with several prior films, including Fast and Furious and Fast Five. He previously teamed with the project’s original screenwriters Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon (as an actor only) for the 2005 comedy The Pacifier.

Gough and Millar most recently wrote for the big screen with DreamWorks’ I Am Number Four.

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