The Star Wars News Roundup for February 9, 2018

Star Wars news for the week of February 9,2018

The purpose of this roundup is to put all the Star Wars news from the week of February 9, 2018 in one location. If you read this each week, you should be able to converse fluently with any Star Wars fan on everything from the latest Star Wars developments to the latest toys. And maybe you’ll even share with them something that they might have missed.

Let’s get to it!

Han Solo News and Rumors

Watch the new teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story and see it in theaters May 25. #HanSolo

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 5, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story. Trailer Tomorrow. #HanSolo

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 4, 2018

Never tell him the odds. Get ready to explore #HanSolo‘s secret history in an exclusive new look at ‘Solo: A #StarWars Story’:

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) February 7, 2018

See 9 exclusive new images from ‘Solo: A @StarWars Story’: #HanSolo #StarWars

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) February 7, 2018

#Solo Q&A: Alden Ehrenreich on creating a portrait of a scoundrel as a young man.

— Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) February 7, 2018

Here’s what Harrison Ford contributed to #Solo: A Star Wars Story:

— Anthony Breznican (@Breznican) February 7, 2018

Donald Glover on charming the hell out of Solo: A Star Wars Story

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) February 8, 2018

Emilia Clarke says her Star Wars femme fatale ‘has a core of steel’

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) February 8, 2018

Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Solo character is a self-made droid with moxie

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) February 8, 2018

Check out @EW‘s exclusive #HanSolo images at

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 8, 2018

Like a Jedi, The #StarWarsShow returns with a 360 look at the new (old) Millennium Falcon, YOUR #HanSolo reactions, a conversation with Lucasfilm archivist Madlyn Burkert, and much more. Locate the play button and PUNCH IT!

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 7, 2018

Alden Ehrenreich talks taking on the role of young #HanSolo in ‘Solo: A @StarWars Story’:

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) February 7, 2018

The dice. Oh dear. #SoloAStarWarsStory

— Noor-Hal: A Star Wars Story (@noorhal) February 5, 2018

Check out 60 screenshots from the Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser trailer #Solo #SoloAStarWarsStory #StarWars

— (@comingsoonnet) February 5, 2018

Well, Charlie… since you said please. We’ll post it to our @GIPHY page shortly.

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 5, 2018

‘Solo’ Character Names For Thandie Newton & Phoebe Waller-Bridge – #StarWars #Solo #SoloAStarWarsStory

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) February 5, 2018

And some Monday Morning poster goodness #HanSolo

— Regal Cinemas (@RegalMovies) February 5, 2018

My reaction vid to the trailer. #HanSoloReactions

— Joonas Suotamo (@JoonasSuotamo) February 5, 2018

Solo: Supertrailer1
A #StarWars Story

— Nick Hedenbeck (@NickSkywalk) February 5, 2018

LEGO: AMC Confirms Solo Mimban Stormtrooper Minifig

— (@rebelscumnews) February 2, 2018

@RealRonHoward and Lawrence Kasdan #starwars #solo

— Jon Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) February 2, 2018

First look at the #Solo action figures! #StarWars #HanSolo

— Star Wars Junk (@StarWarsJunk) February 4, 2018

Proper Way To Pronounce The Name Qi’ra From ‘Solo’ Film – #StarWars #Solo #SoloAStarWarsStory #Qira

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) February 6, 2018

Legit. #StarWars #Solo

— James Baney (@Mirahtrunks) February 7, 2018

‘Solo’ Character Name For Paul Bettany Revealed – #StarWars #Solo #SoloAStarWarsStory

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) February 7, 2018

The Millennium Falcon is a used car. You remember the used car YOU drove in your early 20s? You know what that thing looked like on your average Wednesday night. It looked like a Plaid Pantry trashcan threw up all over it.

Now imagine you NEVER GOT RID OF THAT CAR.

— Bobby (@bobbyrobertspdx) February 7, 2018

How has Donald Glover accomplished so much already? By having something everyone in Hollywood envies—unparalleled creative genius.@bijanstephen sat down with the legend in the making to talk about #AtlantaFX, #SoloAStarWarsStory, and race in America.

— Esquire (@esquire) February 7, 2018

Show your #HanSolo style and be a #ForceForChange. tells you how.

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 7, 2018

Star Wars: Mark Hamill Weighs in On Solo Trailer, Fan Reactions

— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) February 8, 2018

The keeper of props and costumes from a galaxy far, far away shares some of her favorites with

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 8, 2018

Episode IX News and Rumors

J. J. Abrams Can’t Wait To Share Details On Star Wars Episode IX As He Heads Off To Lucasfilm – #EpisodeIX #StarWars

— SWNN (@StarWarsNewsNet) February 9, 2018

Spinoff News and Rumors

.@Disney in development on ‘a few’ @StarWars TV series for streaming service #StarWars

— (@comingsoonnet) February 7, 2018

Send a raven. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are going from Westeros to a galaxy far, far away….

— Star Wars (@starwars) February 6, 2018


— Andi Gutierrez (@DeeGoots) February 6, 2018

The fact of two upcoming new #StarWars series running concurrently might mean that there’s little to no space on the release schedule for stand-alone movies across the next few years

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 7, 2018

STAR WARS RUMOR DU JOUR: Lucasfilm has hired women and people of color in secret…

— Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) February 7, 2018

#StarWars: Rian Johnson Would Love to See An Obi-Wan Movie — But Not Direct It

— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) February 7, 2018

Television News and Rumors

Bob Iger on Benioff and Weiss: “They’re focused on a point in time in the Star Wars mythology and taking it from there.”

Also says they’re close to announcing who will be developing one of the Star Wars shows for the streaming service.

— Spencer Perry (@TheSpencerPerry) February 6, 2018

#StarWars TV Series: Disney Developing “a Few” for Its Streaming Service

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 6, 2018

.@Disney in development on ‘a few’ @StarWars TV series for streaming service #StarWars

— (@comingsoonnet) February 7, 2018

Around the Web

Edith Bowman Almost Cried Talking To Rian Johnson About John … – #StarWars @edibow @rianjohnson @soundtrackinguk

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) February 3, 2018

Natalie Portman is rapping again!! #SNL

— Global TV (@GlobalTV) February 4, 2018

SNL: Natalie Portman dares you to badmouth the Star Wars prequels in new rap

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) February 4, 2018

‘Star Wars: #TheLastJedi wins best movie for grownups award

— Variety (@Variety) February 6, 2018

Exclusive: Watch @RianJohnson go deep on ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ in 70-minute Q&A

— Collider (@Collider) February 6, 2018

Rian Johnson: Origins Of Rey’s Mirror Scene In ‘The Last Jedi’ – #StarWars @rianjohnson #TheLastJedi #Rey @ComicBook

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) February 6, 2018

Fan creates alternate Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening based on J.J. Abrams’ original storyboards

— io9 (@io9) February 6, 2018

.@HamillHimself on #TheLastJedi: “Children that were fans of the original films are grown now and sharing them with their children and even their grandchildren. It’s amazing to me”

— Hollywood Reporter (@THR) February 7, 2018

Bad Robot’s ‘Kolma’ Starring Daisy Ridley Might Be ‘Cloverfield 5’

— Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm) February 8, 2018

Interview with Kelly Marie Tran is up! @etnow

— Ash Crossan (@AshCrossan) February 8, 2018


Very very excited to be adapting @rianjohnson’s THE LAST JEDI for Marvel Comics with @Mister_Walsh and @SpicerColor! Check out the #1 cover by @DeadlyMike! Thanks @HeatherAntos

— Gary Whitta (@garywhitta) February 2, 2018

I think I might be the only writer to have written @starwars for film, television, books, and comics? Pretty cool if so, brb high-fiving 10 year-old me (and missing because we’re both nerds)

— Gary Whitta (@garywhitta) February 2, 2018

Excited to announce I’ll be drawing the adaptation of #StarWars #TheLastJedi for #MarvelComics . We’ll be adding scenes and telling others from a new perspective.

— Michael Walsh (@Mister_Walsh) February 2, 2018


Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s @LauraDern visited @starwars Launch Bay at @Disneyland on Saturday! Check out the photos below

— Oh My Disney (@OhMyDisney) February 6, 2018


ANOVOS Special Valentine’s Themed Offer – #StarWars @ANOVOS @StarWars #HappyHunting

— Jedi News (@JediNewsUK) February 4, 2018

First look at the packaging on our upcoming #starwars #rogueone AT-ACT bookend set. Unboxing…

— Gentle Giant Ltd (@GentleGiantLTD) February 7, 2018