Warner Bros. Takes The Guinness Book of World Records


Warner Bros. has plans to adapt The Guinness Book of World Records into a feature film, Deadline reports. “The Office” writer Danny Chun has been brought aboard to turn the non-fiction book into an adventure narrative.

The book’s history is described on its official site as follows:

The 55-year history of Guinness World Records began with a single question, the type that has been repeated millions of times at dinner parties, pubs, classrooms and work places across the globe.

During a shooting party in County Wexford, Ireland, in 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver – then Managing Director of the Guinness Brewery – asked a simple question: what was Europe’s fastest game bird? Despite a heated argument and an exhaustive search within the host’s reference library the answer could not be found.

Sir Hugh realized that similar questions were going unanswered all around the world, and that a definitive book containing superlative facts and answers would be of great use to the general public. With the help of the London-based fact-finding twins Norris and Ross McWhirter, he set about bringing this definitive collection of superlative facts to reality. On 27 August 1955, the first edition of “The Guinness Book of Records” was bound and, by Christmas that year, became Britain’s number one bestseller.

The feature film version will be produced by Basil Iwanyk, Sean Sorenson and Matthew Cullen.