Photos: Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace in De Palma’s Passion


A Facebook page has launched for Brian De Palma’s Passion which reveals this new promo art and photos from the film, starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. Check them out below!

Passion is a remake of the 2010 French film Crime d’amour, from late director Alain Corneau and starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Saginer. The new version is described as follows:

The offices of a prominent multinational corporation is the setting for this story of a power struggle between two contemporary women. Isabelle has unlimited admiration for her direct superior, Christine, a woman well-schooled in the ways of power. Christine enjoys holding sway over Isabelle, leads her one step at a time and ever more deeply into a game of seduction and manipulation, of dominance and servitude. The game is played for keeps, and there is no turning back.

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