Todd Phillips Teams with the Duplass Brothers for Mule


Todd Phillips will team with Mark and Jay Duplass to adapt Tony D’Souza’s Mule: A Novel of Moving Weight, Deadline reports. The brothers will provide the screenplay and Phillips will direct the tale, officially described as follows:

James and Kate are golden children of the late twentieth-century, flush with opportunity. But then economic downturn and an unexpected pregnancy send them searching for a way to make do.

A winter in the mountains of California’s Siskiyou County introduces a tempting opportunity. A friend grows prime-grade marijuana; if James transports just one load from Cali to Florida, he’ll pull down enough cash to survive for months.

James navigates life as a mule, then a boss — from money-hungry friends to gun-toting drug lords, from Sacramento to Tallahassee, from just making the weight move cross-country to making thousands of dollars a day. The risks keep rising, forcing him to the next criminal level. A kidnapping, a shoot-out, a bank vault — it all culminates in a swirl of action.

Absorbing and timely, Mule perfectly captures the anxieties of plunging into the criminal world and of being a young person in a moment when the American Dream you never had to believe in suddenly vanishes from the menu.

Earlier this year, the Duplass brothers released their Jeff Who Lives at Home while Phillips served as executive producer on Project X.

You can check out a trailer for the original novel in the player below: